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Start A Fire From Your Shoe With Fire Laces


  • 1 - Set of 550 lb. Fire Laces paracord shoe laces with built in flint rods
  • 2 - Steel striking bars/shoelace anchors

Powerful, Wearable Fire-Starting Technology

These are probably one of the coolest, most innovative survival tools around. Hidden away inside of the end caps of these super-durable shoelaces is a concealed fire starter no snooping TSA agent is ever going to discover (they are 100% legal). These laces serve as both a great fire starter, and since they're made of 550 lb. Paracord, they also have well over 100 other different survival uses too. Whether your matches are wet, or you forgot a lighter, with these laces in your shoes you'll still be able to kickstart a fire in no time. 

Take a look at what makes them so incredible:


  • Super-Versatile:  Each 550 lb. Paracord lace measures 5 feet (60 inches) and has well over 100 uses. With only 1 of these laces you can get enough cordage to make a fishing line, secure a tent, tie up a bad guy, and much more. Now imagine what you can do with two! 7 strands are wrapped up in the durable outer-cording, giving you way more than meets the eye. **Not to mention the end caps of the shoelaces conceal flint rods that can be struck against the steel lace anchor to help start a fire.** AND, the sharp edge on the steel bar can even be used to help cut smaller items. Great when you haven’t got a knife on you.
  • Ultra-Durable: Paracord was used for Air-Force airborne parachutes, so it’s made to last. Plus the flint and steel construction make them capable of lasting for years and years.
  • Extremely-Affordable: Other “knock-off” versions retail. Save big when you buy from Survival Frog!

In an age where you can’t even bring more than 3 oz. of liquid onto a plane it’s empowering to know you can wear a highly functional survival tool wherever you go.

Lace these through your shoes and you’re now equipped with one of the most powerful survival tools known to man (fire). Get one for yourself and several for your family.

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