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Mega Match: Refillable Butane Lighter by Survival Frog



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Mega Match: Refillable Butane Lighter by Survival Frog has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.
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The Mega Match: Refillable Butane Lighter by Survival Frog Includes:

  • 1 - Mega Match Giant Lighter

Light Hard-To-Reach Spaces With This Extra Long Lighter!

The Mega Match is likely the biggest lighter you've ever seen! This extra long lighter measures 14 inches, making it the ideal BBQ lighter for summer cookouts, and the ultimate fireplace/candle lighter for extra warmth and illumination the holiday season. But don't let its size fool you; this survival tool is actually extremely easy (and safe) to use - it ignites by just the flip of a switch! Another great thing about this prepper gear, though, is the fact that it's a refillable lighter. You can simply replenish the match lighter with butane every time it's getting low, allowing this extra large lighter to last you an extra long time. This is one of the newest (and largest) survival products to come to our survival store this week - and preppers are snatching them up right and left for the holidays! Get a few of these awesome survival gifts for your friends and family (or keep it for yourself in your bug out bag and survival kit) while you still can!

To learn more about the Mega Match: Refillable Butane Lighter by Survival Frog click the “Features & Specs” tab above.

Mega Match: Refillable Butane Lighter by Survival Frog Features:

  • Super Safe To Use: Although this is likely the biggest lighter on the market, it's actually very safe for adults and children to use. That's because the ON/OFF switch is at the base of the match lighter, allowing your fingers to be far away from the flame.
  • Insanely Versatile: There's a ton of ways you can use this giant lighter to your advantage. For example, you can use it to light your furnace pilot light. You can also use it as a BBQ lighter for summer get-togethers, or even as a fireplace/candle lighter for the Christmas season. The possibilities are endless!
  • Extremely Easy To Use: This survival lighter is so easy to light, anyone can do it! Simply slide the switch at the base of this giant lighter, and a tongue of flame will emit from the top of the match. To turn it off, simply slide the switch back down. It's that easy!
  • Saves You Money: This refillable lighter can be refueled with butane again and again, making it so you don't have to buy additional lighters or matches again. This is the perfect survival gift for your friends and family this year! 
  • Surprisingly Lightweight: Despite its size, this extra large lighter is surprisingly lightweight. Made out of lightweight aluminum and faux wood grain, this long lighter weighs a mere 1.9 oz - the perfect weight for easy maneuverability. 

Mega Match: Refillable Butane Lighter by Survival Frog Specs:

  • Survival Lighter Weight: 1.9 oz
  • Survival Lighter Dimensions: 13 ¾ x ½ x ½ in
  • Survival Lighter Fuel: Butane
  • Survival Lighter Ignition: Piezoelectric 
  • Survival Lighter Material: Lightweight Aluminum Head, Faux Wood Grain Match Stick
  • Survival Lighter Comes with Attached Hanging Hook

The Mega Match Lighter is a prepper's best friend when it comes to igniting difficult-to-light fires! Whether you're using it as a BBQ lighter to get your grill going for a cookout, or as a fireplace/candle lighter for some holiday illumination, one thing is clear: this survival tool will help you ignite almost any fire source, no matter the difficulty. With its lightweight construction and easy maneuverability, this is one piece of survival gear that all preppers need to own in their homes and in their bug out bags/survival kits!

This is one of the newest survival products to our online survival store - and they're selling like hot cakes for the holiday season! Give your loved ones this awesome match lighter survival gift today while you still can!


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