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Kaito KA600L Voyager Pro Radio



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Kaito KA600L Voyager Pro Radio has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 24 reviews.
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Dependable Access to Power, Light, & Emergency Alerts  


  • 1 - Self-charging NOAA band radio (With Digital Face) 
  • 1 - Multihead cellphone charging cord
  • 1 - User manual

Self-Powered Radio-Flashlight-Electronics Charger 

The Kaito Voyager KA600 is an incredibly versatile survival tool which will provide you with relief in a variety of situations. Utilizing a broad spectrum radio tuner you'll have dependable access to the NOAA's 7 main weather channels so you always know what's coming your way. Plus, it provides self generating/onboard power for the radio as well as the built-in LED flashlight and to charge portable USB charged electronics. The Voyager Pro also has a backlit digital LED face which makes it ideal for camping, general outdoor use as well as for staying informed during crisis and emergency situations.  

Take a look at what makes it such a great survival tool:


  • Wide Reaching Broadband Radio: Makes use of an alert mode which automatically signals when dangerous weather is on its way. Multi-spectrum radio stays connected to the National Weather Channel’s (NWR) Emergency Alert System (EAS) that is provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) so you can tell what dangerous weather is around you.
  • Multiple Charging Options:
      • Via cranking: The “Dynamo crank” means when you turn the external crank at least 120 turns a minute, it powers the unit’s Ni-MH battery.
      • Via the sun: Exposing the solar panel to direct sunlight powers the unit perfectly. The panel is designed to tilt to receive the highest quality sun rays for the quickest charge.
      • Via battery: One 18650 battery will help the unit run smoothly.
      • Via a rechargeable battery pack: A built-in rechargeable battery pack helps with quick charging.
      • Via a MINI USB to AC adaptor (not included).
      • Via a computer through the built-in USB port.
    • Advanced Lighting Technology: The unit has a 5 LED reading lamp that helps provide soft reading light. Also included is a bright LED flashlight along with a red LED emergency distress signal.
    • Advanced Digital Face: The Voyager Pro uses a full featured digital face so you always know where your radio is tuned.  
    • Easy to use: The built-in backlit LED face makes it so you know exactly what station you're on and gives you more control than analog radios. 

    Other Details:

    • Weight: 1.8 lbs. 
    • Dimensions: 9.5 inches x 6 inches x 2.5 inches
    • AM frequencies ranging from: 520-1710 KHz
    • FM frequencies ranging from: 87.00-108.00 MHz
    • SW1: 3.20-9.00 MHz
    • SW2: 9.00-22.00 MHz
    • FM < 20uV (sensitivity)
    • MW < 2.5mV (sensitivity)
    • SW < 30uV (sensitivity) 

    If you're looking for an all around high-performing radio for camping and survival you don't need to look any more. The KA600 will meet all your needs. 

    Get it now so you're never caught unprepared in an emergency.

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