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Keep your smart devices ON through a power outage

Never run out of charge again...

Charge for FREE from the sun using the four high-powered 5.5. W solar panels

Built-in LED flashlight & magnetic case

Premium leather case built to withstand the elements

Charges up to 3 devices at the same time

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Your Lifeline in a Crisis

Is your cell phone your primary method of staying in touch with your family? Without power you could lose this lifeline of communication. The QuadraPro Solar Power Bank is must-have survival gear for anyone wanting to be prepared. Stay powered, stay connected.

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"Survival Energy When You NEED It."

As long as you have the QuadraPro Solar Powerbank you'll never have to worry about a dead battery ruining your day...or your life.

  • Keep your smart devices fully charged during a power outage

  • Camp for weeks and never once fear your electronics will die

  • Call friends or family in a emergency

  • Power GPS devices while hunting or backpacking

  • Keep tablets and video games charged for kids and grandkids

Durable and works great!

"Very durable hard cover and folds up to save room in your bag. I love the clips that make it easy to clip to your hiking bag for charging. The flashlight also makes it very helpful to easily have on hand when the power goes out. Just be sure to charge ahead of time in electrical outlet when you know a storm is on the way and if power goes out you can recharge in the sun. Great item to have for power outages, camping trips and hiking."

Mary B. - Verified Buyer

Definitely durable, even after a Humvee ride

"I took my QuadraPro out to my Army field training and used the magnets to stick it to the side of one of our Humvees to charge. The driver ended up taking off down a tank trail and I thought my QuadraPro was history. One of the guys ended up finding it on the ground way down the trail, and not only is it not busted up, it’s still charging and works just like new, none of us could believe it survived! The whole unit was impressed and asked where I got it, definitely would recommend to anyone needing a tough and reliable power source."

D. Doll - Verified Buyer

Camouflaged backpack with four solar panels and a blue carabiner attached.

Unlimited Power in the Palm of Your Hand

Us Vs. Them

More Than a 100,000 Families Have Prepared with Survival Frog Since 2009

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Great Tool for Work

"I am a nurse practitioner and have several devices I need to charge when I’m doing home visits in rural areas - this has helped me stay on top of my work and care."

Tanya F.

Verified Buyer

Amazing Item!
"This power-bank is amazing. It charged my phone from 5% to 100% in less than 2 hours. It also doesn’t take that long to recharge the power-bank by solar energy. I highly recommend this product."

Brett S.

Verified Buyer

GREAT Solar Power Source
"I have way to keep iPhone and iPad charged in emergencies and alternative light sources. WAY too many power outages in CA with our floods and storms."

Ted L.

Verified Buyer


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