China's Triple Threat against U.S. Food Security

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As tensions between China and the United States continue to escalate, FBI Director Christopher Wray called China "the defining threat of our generation." 

They've ALREADY infiltrated critical U.S. infrastructure, he warned, and they remain "poised to attack" even at this very moment. 

It's the sword of Damocles that could bring our power grid to its knees. 

Chinese hackers outnumber FBI cyber agents by at least 50 to 1. 

Officials have urgently warned that Chinese cyberattacks are targeting critical services "ordinary Americans rely on every day" like hospitals and 911 call centers. 

But even scarier is that China is fully capable of disrupting our power grid. 

A grid down event would cause chaos, mass panic, and immediate panic-buying food shortages. 

And that's not the only direct threat China poses to our food supply...

American and Chinese flags overlapping each other against a dark background.

The amount of land owned in the U.S. by the Chinese Communist Party has jumped 20-fold in the last 10 years.

As if that multiplier wasn't enough cause for concern...a lot of the land just happens to be near U.S. Military bases.

But it gets even worse...because that's just the land we know about.

An investigation by the U.S. Government Accountability Office found the Biden Administration is FAILING to properly track foreign ownership of U.S. farmland. 

"This report confirms one of our worst fears: that not only is the USDA unable to answer the question of who owns what land and where, but that there is no plan by the department to internally reverse this dangerous flaw that affects our supply chain," Congressional Western Caucus Chairman Dan Newhouse said.

He added - "Food security is national security, and we cannot allow foreign adversaries to influence our food supply while we stick our heads in the sand."  

Last but not least, Chinese illegal border crossings have spiked 7,000%!

Border Patrol captured 342 Chinese crossing the border in 2021...they've already caught 24,926 this year in just six months!

A concerned-looking individual with the US and Chinese flags in the background and overlaid text regarding government oversight.

Take Your Family's Food Security Into Your Own Hands TODAY

Demand is Surging for Survival Food.

The #1 item people hoard when fear strikes is FOOD.

And the #1 ingredient? MEAT.   

On this page, we'll show you exactly how to get your hands on premium survival meats. But first, know this...
The demand for “survival food” has grown 450% over the last 2 years.

People are preparing more now than ever before. After Covid started, the demand for survival food skyrocketed and there are no signs of it slowing down.

There are shortages of survival food and shipping delays are common. People who don't prepare early enough are left waiting for their orders to arrive - sometimes when they need it most. 

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Abstract world map with overlaid financial graph showing growth trend.

The Threats are Real

Let’s face it, we’re just one event away from not having access to food in the grocery stores or even buying food online.

When a local disaster hits, or a national crisis unfolds – you want the confidence knowing you can feed your family healthy and delicious food.

Your family is priority #1, and they are trusting YOU to have this food supply thing figured out. 

Almost empty store shelves with a single shopping basket and a few cleaning items remaining.

How WIll You Feed Your Family?

I think we can all agree that you can’t rely on grocery stores to have food after a crisis hits, especially high quality foods that your family is used to eating!

You could buy extra and stock up on grocery store canned foods, but the shelf life of that food is only 3-5 years at most, so you won't be covered long-term. 

So what are your options?

You could go out and buy some large 20lb bags of rice and beans. Sure they may last 10 or 15 years, but let’s be honest, you don't want that to be your diet day in and day out. 

Various beans and legumes in sacks at a market, with a person's hand holding a metal scoop.

Or you could stock up on the most common survival food…

Freeze dried pouches of food.

You’ve probably seen buckets of “Long-Term Food Storage” at Costco or at online survival stores. You can get up to 25 years of storage from some of these food kits.

Freeze dried foods have their place and are good to have, but you don’t want to rely on it exclusively. Most survival freeze dried foods and dry mixes are made up of heavy starch, are too salty, and are loaded with empty carbs and chemical preservatives.

If you want food that your family will actually enjoy and want to eat, then you’ll want to stock up on Survival Fresh Canned Meats. 

A cross mark over stacked emergency food storage buckets with the text 'Over 35 ingredients per meal!'

Introducing Survival Fresh Canned Meat:
Premium Survival Food for Your Family that Lasts 25 Years

When you are able to provide great tasting, all-natural meats to your family, you’ll have the feelings of security and pride that comes from having a well balanced back-up food plan.

You’ll want to provide your family with peace of mind and comfort during a stressful time.

Great tasting and healthy food can do exactly this!

Take pride in the fact that you took the steps now so your family will always be well-fed and comfortable.

The future is scary and full of unknowns, but Survival Fresh can deliver certainty and peace of mind. Your family is counting on you. 

Stacked canned beef, hamburger, and chicken products with cooked samples displayed in front.

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Survival Fresh is all-natural meat that your family will be thrilled to eat.

It's delicious and tender with a shelf life of up to 25 years.

They're ully cooked meats with only 2 ingredients - the meat, and a pinch of sea salt.

Now we acknowledge the idea of “canned meat” can sound weird.

We joke about it all the time around the warehouse. But here is the thing…it tastes really good!

It was voted the #1 best-tasting survival food.

Family enjoying a meal together with text 'Give your family food security.'

We’re not talking about freeze dried meats here.

This is premium quality survival food. Real meat that tastes like you just cooked it, or the waiter just served you in a restaurant.

If you are going to buy long term foods for the “just in case” scenario, then you should get something your family is going to actually enjoy eating.

You're probably eating meat at many of your meals now, and you'll probably want to continue to do so...

But fresh meat will be VERY hard to find after a crisis. 

Collage of three different dishes: pulled pork sandwich, spaghetti with red sauce, and chicken tacos.

Your body needs quality protein to help maintain both muscle mass and healthy levels of testosterone.

When you need it the most during a crisis, lean meats provide a much longer lasting energy source, not the crash and burn you get with high carb freeze dried foods.

We have hundreds of customer reviews from people raving about the texture, taste and the quality!

Four close-up images of various ground meats on wooden cutting boards.

YES - I Want Real Meat!

See Why This Survival Food is Voted #1 Best-Tasting

"I tried a can of the beef just to see how good it was and I was very surprised! Damn tasty!! Cant wait for the world to end so I can eat the rest!"

Jeffery D.

Verified Buyer

Smiling man with a gray beard outdoors.

"Never thought canned meat could be this good!"

Daniel F.

Verified Buyer

Smiling middle-aged man wearing a blue polo shirt.

"Great taste. Made some in lasagna and it was excellent. Great quality and flavor. Great product. Planning meals around the other proteins, Beef and Chicken."

Carolina C.

Verified Buyer

Woman smiling outdoors with trees in the background.

3 Natural Proteins

Three labeled images showing cooked chicken, ground beef, and beef in circular frames.

Healthy Protein Pure and Simple

Nutrition facts label for canned beef, highlighting calories, fat, and protein content, with BPA-free and gluten-free icons.

Only 2 Ingredients:


-Pinch of Sea Salt

That's it. Simple and delicious.

There are NO preservatives or additives, and water is never added.

The Crucial Role of Protein in Your Prepping Pantry

It’s what every pantry needs and many are missing –

To power through a crisis, you need a reliable source of protein to fuel your family. 

And if you care about keeping your family strong and healthy through an emergency or if SHTF, don’t go without protein.

It’s essential for building and maintaining muscle strength…

And let’s not forget, if you ever have to kick your emergency plan into gear, you'll likely be burning more calories than usual. You'll need foods that give you a lot of energy and protein to keep up.

And in our canned meat you’ll find no less than 154 grams of protein per can.

As you can see, all 3 meat options are chock-full of critical protein.

Thing is, everybody needs protein, but especially seniors and growing grandkids.

Grandkid Approved Survival Food

C.D. Simion Sr. - Verified Buyer

"I have to tell you that it is so awesome that I couldn't tell that it was canned meat after making my family a meal. My family, especially the Grandchildren, were raving about it tasting so good. And I actually had to make more because that's what they wanted. Thank you so much for the canned meat that you sent me. I still can't believe that it was so good and just as tasty as if I had cooked them a roast. Thank you.”

Woman smiling and holding a can of Survival Fresh beef.

So if you you’re the keeper of your family’s emergency preparedness supply, do NOT skimp on stocking nutritious (and delicious) healthy sources of protein.

But it’s not just about protein. Our canned meats come loaded with vitamins and minerals like Vitamin B12, iron, zinc, and selenium. These aren’t just good-to-have - they’re essential for keeping your immune system strong, healing wounds, and even making DNA.

That's why Survival Fresh Canned Meat is a must-have in your pantry – it's nutritious, delicious, and a lifeline in times of need.

And we pack a LOT of meat into each jumbo 28 oz. can.

JUMBO Cans for Peace of Mind

A single-serve can of tuna is great for a bug-out-bag, but it’s not going to get your family through a crisis – especially if you have a lot of hungry mouths to feed.

Or go by the motto “prepare and share.”

Our Survival Fresh Canned Meat comes in oversized 28 oz. cans, ensuring there's enough to go around (survival seconds, anyone?)

And they’ll keep your family nourished and well-fed through a crisis.

Even if happens 10…15…or even 25 years from now.

In fact, one single "Costco-sized” can easily feed a family of four or more and each case includes 12 jumbo cans. Seeing BIG cans of meat in your survival food stockpile will provide WAY more peace of mind (and food).

Fatal Flaw of Freeze Dried Meat?

Advertisement for Survival Fresh canned beef, highlighting a 3-step quick preparation process.

Stockpiling freeze-dried meat for emergencies sounds like a smart move, but there's a BIG problem that no one talks about - it needs to be rehydrated first, which can be a hassle and requires water (a precious resource in a crisis).

Just think about all the extra water you’ll need, and the extra fuel and time you’ll need to bring that water to a boil to reconstitute the food!

This can be a be a hassle, or even impossible - in an actual emergency, who has time for all that preparation?

Survival Fresh is fully cooked and ready to eat. No prep work needed. No boiling required. The can even contains natural juices that act as a broth. Just heat and serve.

Plus, in a really sticky situation, you can even eat it straight out of the can.

This is why Survival Fresh Canned Meat is a crucial part of any pantry.

It's made with only two simple ingredients - meat and sea salt - compared to freeze-dried alternatives with a long list of additives.

With Survival Fresh Canned Meat, you don't have to sacrifice taste, quality, or convenience in your emergency pantry.

It's the #1 best-tasting survival food and a must-have for any preparedness plan.

Don't waste your time or water rehydrating mediocre food - go with the all-natural, quality option that puts the "fresh" back into survival food.

Be safe and secure, not sorry

John T. - Verified Buyer

"I opened 1 can and knew I made a very wise investment for my family. Great taste and quality product."

Chunks of tasty meat

Cynthia Y. - Verified Buyer

"Fast and free delivery. I've made chicken Alfredo and chicken fried rice so far and my family loved it. Big chunks of meat that is tasty by itself (tastes great before adding seasonings or sauce). I don't have to clean out my pantry of expired food every year or two (waste of time and $) I am more prepared for an emergency now thanks to Survival Frog!"

"Great Emergency Preparedness Food"

Henry W. - Verified Buyer

"If you’re gonna wait for the government to feed you in an emergency situation…you’re asleep at the wheel! This meat is real good with only one added ingredient - salt. Lasts for 25 years. Glad I got it."

Here's What You Get in Your Premium Canned Meat Mixed Case:

12 Cans Per Case, 3 Delicious All-Natural Proteins (Made in USA):

-4 Cans of Beef

-4 Cans of Chicken

-4 Cans of Ground Beef

Our Mixed Meat Case Features 3 proteins: Beef, Chicken and Ground Beef.

✔️All-natural with no preservatives, chemicals, antibiotics, or fillers EVER.

✔️Sourced from U.S.A family farms

✔️Canned in a 4th generation family run U.S.A. cannery

✔️Just Heat & Serve - No Prep Required

✔️Last up to 25 years

✔️Voted the #1 best-tasting survival food

With Survival Fresh Canned Meat in your emergency pantry, you can feel confident knowing your family has a nutritious and delicious supply of REAL meat on hand to nourish you through a crisis.


Fact: So much of the survival food market is flooded with tasteless freeze-dried stuff, but this canned meat is called “Survival Fresh” for a reason…

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Made in the USA, From U.S. Livestock

Comparison of two beef products highlighting natural vs. altered texture and taste with emoticons for appeal.

Survival Fresh meats are made from hand selected cuts of lean meat. Free from hormones, additives, preservatives, mRNA vaccines, and antibiotics. Low in fat, sodium and cholesterol.

The meats are also gluten free, paleo and keto friendly. It’s survival food that is all natural and high in protein, for the energy you need.

Survival Fresh comes in Jumbo 28oz Cans, which is twice the size of your typical grocery store cans to give you maximum value.

Made in the U.S.A. and only from U.S. livestock raised right here on American soil – all of our meats are USDA approved and exceed all required standards and certifications.   









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Last but not least...shipping is on us.

We understand that shipping costs can add up quickly and be a burden you didn't bargain for.

And frankly, when it comes to shipping providers, they charge an arm and a leg for anything not in an envelope...let alone a box full of jumbo sized cans.

But we've got you covered. We're happy to offer you free shipping and handling on all orders of our delicious canned meat.

You can stock up on the canned meat you need for your emergency food supply without worrying about the high shipping costs you'd usually face.

And we don't just ship it in any old box. 

Proprietary DentGuard Protection

Not all shipping boxes are created equal. Survival Fresh is shipped to you in our proprietary DentGuardBox. 

This top-tier packaging was rigorously designed and tested to make sure your meat arrives completely dent and damage-free, guaranteed.

Crafted from heavy-duty double-corrugated cardboard with top and bottom padding, each can is securely cradled within built-in partitions. We've even included a fortified buffer zone to protect your cans from the box's edges and corners.
And just because of the state of the world today, the packaging is discreet and labeled FRAGILE to ensure your prepping privacy.

Just hit the "add to cart" button and we'll add your Survival Fresh Canned Meat Case to your cart right away.

Box of canned products with DentGuard protection, viewed from the top.

YES, I want to stock the best survival food for my family.

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Pyramid of canned beef, hamburger, and chicken with images of prepared meat at the bottom.

Survival Fresh Starter Case


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1 Case (12 Cans)


Pile of canned food labeled beef, hamburger, and chicken.

The Ultimate Emergency Food Arsenal

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Stacks of canned food labeled beef, hamburger, and chicken.

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3 Cases (36 Cans)

Costs are Increasing

Inflation is sending costs for everything from gas to housing sky high. Meats have been impacted the most, especially the quality meats you want to feed your family. Wholesale meat prices are going up almost every week now and the impact on retail pricing can be dramatic, and without notice.

They even have a name for it… Meatflation!

Given the current rate of inflation, just imagine how much canned meat will cost 5 or 10 years from now. Lock in your cost today, and have peace of mind for years to come. 

How to Make Your Meat Supply SHTF-Proof Against Shortages and Record High Prices

The headlines around beef are shocking.
“US Cattle Herd Shrinks to 73-Year-Low in Blow to for Beef Lovers,” Bloomberg writes.

That means cattle numbers are the lowest they’ve been since 1951

“Beef Prices Could Hit Record Highs in 2024, Experts Warn” says The Hill.

As we’re sure you’ve noticed, the price of beef has continued to climb higher as herd size continues to go down.  

You can bet the farm this trend is not going to turn around anytime soon.

Like a a big ship reversing course, says agricultural economist David Anderson, rebuilding cattle herds takes time.

Simply put, prices will remain stubbornly high at least the next few years.

And experts don’t expect herd size to start to rebound until at least 2026 or beyond.  

Brown and white cow in a pen with other cattle in the background.
Line graph showing historic January 1 cattle inventory from 2000 to 2023 with notable data points.

Power outages, supply chain issues, "eat 'ze bugs" initiatives, shrinking cow herds… No matter what the future brings – whether it’s this election year or 25 years from now – you'll have a quarter century's worth of gourmet food security when you invest in Survival Fresh. 

It's an investment in your family's health, well-being, and comfort in times of crisis.

It's an investment in feeling confident – in being the hero who thought ahead, ensuring that no matter what life tosses your way, your family will look to you, not with worry, but with relief and with forks ready, eager for the next delicious, protein-packed meal you serve straight from your well-prepared pantry.

You can’t put a price on peace of mind. 

Lock in Today's Pricing

Join Thousands of Satisfied and Food Secure Customers who Chose the Best for Their Families

Survival Fresh is truly Premium Survival Food with hundreds of 5-Star Reviews

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Worth the wait!

Tammy B. - Verified Buyer

"We are totally pleased with the beef, pork, turkey, and chicken meat variety we chose. It all tastes great and is very tender. We ordered a second case because we have used it for many casserole dishes and even to make sandwiches."

Makes me feel more secure

Kathleen P. - Verified Buyer

"I am glad to get the canned meat. What I have eaten tastes very good. It makes me feel more secure that we have some supplies like this on hand in case of difficult times."

Fabulous job!!!

"So deeply grateful to you for the tremendous job preparing and shipping these products to us! I sleep better at night knowing that our emergency food supply is top notch quality!!! You are the best out there for this stuff!"

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