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Solar On The Go EnerPlex Collection

The Best Solar-Powered Survival Gear Ever!

Survival Frog is giving you the BEST solar-powered survival tools to add to your camping gear and/or bug out bag for when SHTF! This solar-charged survival gear is sure to help you charge up in a crisis or while backpacking, hiking, or camping. Our Solar On The Go sale provides you the BEST deals on some of our most loved survival tools, such as the EnerPlex Kickr 4 Portable Solar Panels, the EnerPlex Kickr 2 Portable Solar Charger, the EnerPlex Generatr 1200 with Solar Grids, and the EnerPlex Jumpr Fit 3 Portable Power Bank. Survival Frog is also giving you a FREE Solar Air Lantern once you become a VIP member of our Survival Frog VIP Buyer's Club! Act fast and grab these solar-powered survival tools today before SHTF!