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Smokeless and Lightweight; Perfect for Camping & Survival

When you're camping, bugging out, or just doing some outdoor cooking, it can be hard not to choke on the smoke from a portable stove. That’s where Hexamine fuel tablets come in - these smokeless fuel tablets are excellent when used as a primary heat source for cooking survival food or as an emergency backup. All you need is a flame source like a match or a lighter to get these fuel tablets burning, and they'll provide you with enough power to boil water and cook your survival food in minutes. Designed for use in portable stoves, these fuel tablets are excellent for camping gear, general outdoor cooking, and emergency survival.

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12 Smokeless Hexamine Fuel Tablets by Survival Frog Features: 

  • Super Convenient: These 12 fuel tablets are super easy to use, burn in the wind/rain, and are specially designed for portable stoves. It only takes a small flame from a lighter or a match to get these going.
  • Ridiculously Lightweight: As a set, these 12 fuel tablets weigh only 2.4 oz., so they'll feel right at home in your bug out bag or camping gear.
  • Smoke-Free Cooking: These smokeless fuel tablets are the perfect solution to choking on fumes from your outdoor cooking. Simply light the fuel tablets and let your lungs breathe in the pure, crisp mountain air.
  • Long-Lasting: With the ability to be stored for hundreds of years, you don’t need to worry about these fuel tablets going bad. Plus, each tablet will burn for approximately 10 minutes while in use, giving you enough time to boil water and cook most survival foods.

12 Smokeless Hexamine Fuel Tablets by Survival Frog Specs: 

  • Total Weight (including packaging): 2.5 oz.
  • Individual Tab Weight: 0.2 oz.

These fuel tablets are a fantastic, smoke-free option for bugging out, camping, and general outdoor cooking with a portable stove. Their feather-light weight and superior convenience makes them the perfect addition to your bug out bag or camping gear. 

Get your Hexamine fuel tablets today - it may just be the best thing you do for your lungs and your outdoor cooking experience. 

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