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Jump Start a Car with the World's Smallest Battery Pack

Car battery dead? Heavy car battery chargers not your style? Gone are the days where you need to lug around a heavy jump starter and cumbersome jumper cables to jump start car batteries. Now you can simply jump-start a car with these tiny, palm-sized power banks! Battery chargers need to deliver enough power to function as a car battery jump starter, and the powerful Pocket Jumper meets this challenge with its ability to jump a car battery 20 times on a single charge! Plus, the beauty is this is a solo charging unit - meaning you can charge a vehicle with a single Jump Starter (instead of having to link bulky cables from car to car), giving you the independence to recharge your own battery even if no one else is around. This portable power pack is CRUCIAL to add to your camping gear, bug out bag and survival kit! Don't get caught stranded without one - especially if SHTF! 

An Easy To Use Portable Power Pack 

Tone it down a notch and this portable battery jumper acts as a backup power source for personal electronics. These car battery chargers weigh in at a mere 8 oz. making it the perfect portable battery jumper for anyone who needs a dependable jump starter pack full of backup power that's ready at a moment's notice. Truly the best jump starters we've ever seen, the "Pocket Jumper" Car Jump Starter delivers peace of mind in a world filled with uncertainty. Never let a dead battery or a dead phone leave you feeling compromised again - especially when SHTF. 

Pocket Jumper Features:

  • Ultra Compact and Lightweight: This portable power pack weighs only 8 oz. and is only 5" x 3" x 1" making it small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or in your favorite bug out bag, camping gear or survival kit. You'll never even notice you're carrying around that much backup power.
  • Incredibly Dependable: With the ability to jump start a battery 20 times off one charge, this awesome prepper gear is there when you need it...over and over again. This car battery jump starter can also charge a typical cell phone upwards of 4 times on one charge, meaning there should never be a reason you're without the juice to make a call. Not to mention these impressive power banks can hold a charge for up to 6 months at a time! Set it and forget it and you'll still have backup power when you need it thanks to this awesome battery pack. 
  • Built-In High Power LED Flashlight: This awesome prepper gear contains a built-in high power LED survival flashlight with three functions: Normal, Strobe, & SOS (approved by the Coast Guard). 
  • Extremely Versatile: This power pack comes with three different charging options. Charge the portable battery via your car's DC outlet, or a 120 or 240 AV power source. 
  • Smart Cables: These new smart cables protect the unit from over heating.

The Pocket Jumper Portable Car Jump Starter Includes:

  • Power Bank Portable Car Jump Start Pack
  • 2 Carry Bags (1 for Pocket Jumper & Mini Jumper Cables, 1 for Accessories)
  • 12V DC "Cigarette-Lighter" Car Charger Adapter
  • 100-240VAC "Home-Wall" Charger Adapter
  • USB to 4-way Accessory Adapter (Apple 30 Pin, Apple Lightening, Micro USB, Mini USB)
  • Mini Jumper Cables

Pocket Jumper Specs: 

  • 200 amp Jump Start Port
  • Up to 20 jump starts in one charge. One charge last for 6 months unused.
  • 5V USB port for charging: cell phones, MP3 players, tablets, cameras, GPS units, PSPs & more
  • Car Jump Starter Size: 5.2 x 3 x 1 inches
  • Car Jump Starter Weight: 8 oz.
  • Car Jump Starter Milliamp Hours: 8000 mAh
  • Car Jump Starter Output: 5V 2A
  • Car Jump Starter Input: 12V 1A
  • Car Jump Starter Starting Current: 200A
  • Car Jump Starter Peak Current: 400A
  • Car Jump Starter Full Charging Time: 3hrs
  • Car Jump Starter Operating Temp: 32˚F-140˚F
  • Will Jump Start: All 12-volt passenger and recreational-type trucks/vans
  • Will NOT Jump Start: Larger diesel utility vehicles or semis
  • Car Jump Starter Color: Silver

Car battery dead? The Pocket Jumper just made jumping a car battery 10 times more efficient! This amazing portable battery jumper is the best jump starter for your vehicle emergencies. Its surprisingly powerful mini jumper cables and the portable battery will jump-start a car quickly and efficiently, in fact, these palm-sized battery chargers can also charge your electronics! Lightweight and compact, this is the ultimate prepper gear to have on you when SHTF. Add this incredible jump starter to your vehicle, camping supplies, bug out bag and long-term survival kit. Don't let a dead battery or a dead phone leave you exposed again.

This awesome car battery jump starter will be gone before you know it! Grab your power banks today before SHTF!

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