Top 5 Ways To Survive A Government Takeover (Martial Law)

Top 5 Ways To Survive A Government Takeover (Martial Law)

Ronald Reagan famously said, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’”


The Nine Most Terrifying Words Quote by Ronald Reagan


What is Martial Law?

Technically, martial law is when the military takes over governance and imposes its own rules and regulations on the populace, bypassing the civil government.

Many people equate martial law with a heavy handed civil government takeover of their rights, along with the suspension, either temporary or permanently, of the Constitution. This can happen for a number of reasons as seen in the past with Hurricane Katrina or police manhunts like the Boston bombers or New York trooper shooter.

Either way, the effect on us is basically the same; an authority suspending our rights and imposing their own rule of law.

In certain situations, this may seem like a reasonable course of action to those outside the effected area. This is how they can get away with it on a small scale. But if you are under martial law, there is a good chance you are not going to want to be under it, or think highly of those who have placed you in that situation.


What should I do?

If something like this happens to you, there are several things to keep in mind.

Every situation will be unique, and you will have to take all the facts and options available in your own situation into account in deciding how to react.

Here are a few general tips that will help you get through, hopefully unscathed, and without loss of life or property.


Be Smart

The number one thing to remember is that the U.S. Constitution no longer will apply. You can not stand up for your rights when you have none in the eyes of the “law”. We Americans have been spoiled to have been raised in a country where our rights are guaranteed (well, at least until they are suspended).

This can lead to confrontation with authority that can turn deadly over your pride.

Is freedom of speech worth dying for? Of course it is, but is talking back to a cop that now has the authority to throw you in jail indefinitely with no charges filed worth it, just to satisfy your pride? Maybe…but who will care for your family if you get thrown in jail for something stupid and avoidable?

Will there be things worth fighting for? You bet, but do it smart, not by getting busted for something petty that, if you swallowed a little pride, would go right by without any incident.

You must keep in mind at all times that authority figures in this situation are not your friends. Your friends may not even be your friends. There will always be those Quislings who will turn you in to gain some sort of favor or perceived sense of power over you.

Be smart. Don’t poke the bear.

If you think this is the pansy play, read on.



If a Government takeover lasts more than a couple weeks, it will most likely give rise to a resistance of some form. I’m not talking about the people out rioting and burning; I am talking about actual freedom fighters.

You will need to make a choice for you and your family…will you become involved. If so, how involved will you be?

There are several levels of involvement that can be carried out with a fair degree of safety (if you stay smart). Things like gathering information, having a message drop on your property, scrounging food and supplies for the actual fighters.

Each person will have to make their own choice about how involved they want to become. In most cases, your family safety should come first, but that is your decision to make.


Be Silent

Loose lips sink ships.

If you have prepared, that means you have some supplies put back for an emergency. The problem is that in a time of martial law your supplies might be seized to be redistributed to others. And trust me, the Government might know you are smart and prepared, so they may come looking.

The best bet is to have a stash that is easily found and then one that is a little better hidden (how, I will leave up to you). So when they come they may take your stash, but your main stash will remain behind.

Now, don’t go telling folks about this awesome prepping advice. Don’t be running your generator nonstop for the neighbors to hear when everyone else has no power or gasoline.

Some of us, because of our faith or other beliefs, will help others in need. This is fine, but don’t go advertising that you have extra supplies or some Quisling will turn you in for sure.

Keep it under wraps.


Blend In

Part of blending in I already mentioned in “Be Smart”; don’t poke the bear.

Don’t do things that will draw attention to your family. This means do what all the other sheep do for the most part. Don’t break curfew, follow the rules as best you are able. If everyone else shows up at high noon for a government handout of food, you should be there also, or folks will begin to wonder how you are feeding your family, and you may become a target.

If you need to avoid detection, you will need to learn what kind of cameras are out there and how to avoid them.

You will only be able to drive on rural back roads. I drive a short stretch of interstate in my daily commute. Aside from rest area cameras and cameras at each interchange I have counted seven cameras on signs and poles between my home and work. You can find the rural cameras fairly easily just by looking for the small solar cell used to power them.

You will not be able to buy gasoline at a station without being filmed. It will be best to workout with a willing neighbor to buy it for you and transfer it in cans.

Did you know an ATM can be set to take pictures at intervals? Even when it is not in use the ATM is still filming the area and recording anything and anybody that passes by it.

There are eyes everywhere, do what you can to keep a low profile.


Be Ready to Leave (Bug Out)

Sometimes you may be able to turn grandma’s picture to the wall and get out. If martial law is a localized event you should have a window of opportunity to get out before they secure the borders of the affected area.

This reason alone should be enough for everyone to have a bug out bag packed and ready to go at all times. If you can keep your head when it is all going down, you may be able to get your family to safety before things get really bad.

If you cannot get out of the effected area, or the takeover is nationwide, a rural retreat will come into its own. If you have taken the time to get to know the neighbors of your rural area they will watch out for you and there is a good chance they are like minded in their beliefs about the government.

If you do end up in a FEMA camp or some other such facility, the best advice I can offer is go back to the steps of be smart and blend in.

The less attention you bring on yourself, the better your position will be to survive the takeover. Avoid others as necessary and remember the people in charge are not your friends.

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Very good advice. Thank You. Take care out there.

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Great Advise, if your audience will listen!!!!

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