Top 10 Survival Fresh Canned Meat FAQs

Top 10 Survival Fresh Canned Meat FAQs

Canned meat curious or confused? Check out the top 10 most commonly asked questions about Survival Fresh below.

  1. What’s the shelf life of Survival Fresh Canned Meat?

Survival Fresh Canned Meat is guaranteed to last for 5 years, but with proper cool, dark, and dry storage conditions, it can last up to 25 years without refrigeration!

  1. Wait what – how can it last 25 years?

That would be thanks to the old-fashioned retort canning process. Unlike your typical grocery store canned meats that are pre-cooked in large batches and THEN put into cans, our unique canning process does the exact opposite –

Our heavy-duty stainless-steel cans are filled with raw meat and a pinch of sea salt is added for preservation and flavor. Then the cans are sealed, and, in small batches, the meat is sloooowly pressure cooked inside the can. This creates a highly sterile environment that prevents bacterial growth and gives our Survival Fresh Canned Meat the ultra-long shelf life.

  1. What are the expiration dates/ how do I read them?

This is one of the most common questions we receive, and we agree it's a little confusing to figure out. But it's not our fault! In accordance with USDA regulations, we use "manufacturing dates" on our cans rather than "expiration dates." So, these dates indicate the exact day the meat was packed into the can. Once you determine what day and year your meat was packed, you can add 25 years to that date to know how long your meat will last.

We know these codes can be tricky to read, so we've got you covered with a cheat sheet:


  • T: Stands for Turkey
  • 2: Represents the year (2022)
  • 165: Signifies it was made on the 165th day of the year

We currently offer: B = Beef, C = Chicken, J OR 3 = Ground beef. We used to offer turkey, as used in the example above, which is represented with a T. We also used to offer pork, which is indicated with an H.

An important heads up – since only the last number of the year is indicated on the manufacturing date (i.e. "2" for 2022), be aware that if you buy canned meat in, let’s say 2032, the year will also appear as "2" according to the USDA. Because of this, we recommend jotting down the purchase year on the box or on the individual cans with permanent marker.

  1. How should I store my Survival Fresh Canned Meat?

Store your canned meat in a clean, cool, dark, and dry location. Heat, humidity, and direct sunlight are the enemies of shelf life.

Survival Fresh has a touch of Goldilocks to it – it should be stored at temperatures below 85°F but above freezing. Between 50 and 70°F is ideal and the "just right" sweet spot. The key is to avoid temperature fluctuations, which can damage the quality and safety of the food. For this reason, it's also wise to avoid storing your meat near a heat source like a vent or dryer, or in an uninsulated attic or garage.

We recommend checking your canned meat regularly to ensure that it's stored in optimal conditions. Make sure to inspect your cans for any signs of damage, rust, or bulging. If you notice any of these signs, discard the can immediately. This simple step can help ensure that your canned meat is ready to use when you need it.

The above rules apply to all emergency foods and pantry items to maximize their shelf life and safety, not just Survival Fresh.

  1. What’s the shelf life of opened canned meat?

Once opened, the USDA recommends consuming canned meat within 3-4 days if refrigerated. If unrefrigerated, it is best to consume the meat within a day to ensure freshness. You can also store the leftovers in a freezer-safe container for up to 3-4 months! In a pinch, you could also create a makeshift refrigeration setup using ice packs & a cooler. While many of our customers love the jumbo cans of Survival Fresh, we're happy to offer two different sized cans. Our newer, smaller cans are better suited to smaller families who want less leftovers.

  1. Where is your meat sourced?

All our meat is proudly sourced and canned right here in the United States of America. Heck, even our cans are U.S. made stainless steel! (And they’re BPA-free).

  1. Are there any preservatives in Survival Fresh Canned Meat?

Nope. Nada. Zilch. Zero. Survival Fresh canned meat contains no preservatives, chemicals, or fillers. It is made with only two ingredients: meat and a small amount of sea salt. If you want to get technical and argue that sea salt is a preservative, we'll allow it – but there are no unnatural preservatives or other junky ingredients added to our all-natural meat, including NO growth hormones or mRNA vaccines either.

  1. Do you offer payment plans or discounts?

Yes. Discounts apply for multi-case purchases! Save extra when you buy 3, 5, or 10 cases of our delicious long-term-storage canned meat.

Survival Frog also offers a payment plan through ShopPay to help afford large purchases.

ShopPay breaks your purchase into 4 interest-free payments and there’s no credit check required. 

We also are running a sale on our canned meat right now.

  1. Can I mix the meat with other foods?

For sure. It’s easy to add to pasta, rice dishes, soups – you name it. It's also great for sandwiches, tacos, and ideal for casseroles. The sky's the limit, and we do recommend mixing the meat with other foods/food groups for a well-balanced meal.

You could also pair it with freeze-dried foods, which often lean starchy and carb-heavy, and you can even use the natural juices from your Survival Fresh Canned Meat to help rehydrate freeze-dried meals for extra flavor.

  1. Do you have any recipes?

We need to work on this! While there’s no canned meat cookbook just yet, as you can see above, our canned meat is "recipe-ready" and can be used in any recipe where you would use meat.

So far, the only official recipe we’ve create is for Doomsday Nachos/ Tacos. This apocalyptic appetizer or entree is made entirely from non-perishable items. You can check it out here: Doomsday Nachos/ Tacos.

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Looks like you need a can opener to open them – how do you store what you dont use?

Jason Thompson

Hi Steven,

Jessi here with Survival Frog. We’ve got you covered with our 14.5oz options to minimize leftovers!

Please let us know if you have any other questions!

Survival Frog Customer Support

Do you offer smaller cans? The large size of each can would lead to a large amount of wasted product for me.

Steven P Banwell

What are the costs?

Mark Adamson

Need a deal for 8 people (4 adults and 4 children (5 to 8 years old)) for a years supply. What can you do for me?

James Bradford

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