9 Toilet Paper Alternatives When SHTF

9 Toilet Paper Alternatives When SHTF

toilet paper alternatives Now I don’t mean to “dump” this on you, but I think it’s important you know all the various toilet paper alternatives available to you once SHTF.

Believe me, I’m not trying to poosh this sensitive topic, but I need to make it quite clear that once a major emergency hits, the grocery store shelves will no longer be lined with toilet paper.

As such, it’s crucial that you stock up on this precious commodity now, but that you also learn about the other options you have available to you when a code brown is in effect. Because when SHTF, you’ll have nothing to clean it up with if you don’t know about these handy TP options.

These are also great alternatives to know if your stockpile goes down the drain, or gets lost in a fire or flood.

Let me help wipe away your worries about being properly prepared with these helpful tips on…

9 Toilet Paper Alternatives When SHTF

1 – Old Towels/Rags/Clothes

Clothing and towels/rags you don’t use anymore can make a great toilet paper alternative in a pinch (especially cotton T-shirts…so soft). Plus – and I’m just pooting this out there – these are washable, making for a reusable alternative in a crisis.

P.S: Need to do laundry without the use of a washing machine? Click here for some great survival options.

2 – Gauze

If you’ve been prepping for any amount of time, you should know a first-aid kit is one of the most essential survival tools you can possibly own. Well, located inside that survival kit should be some gauze. Gauze, although expensive, can be a great (and soft) alternative to toilet paper when SHTF.

toilet paper alternatives - first aid 2 toilet paper alternatives - first aidtoilet paper alternatives - first aid 3

3 – Wet Sponges

This turd alternative is actually a technique the Romans used to use, and it works surprisingly well! You can even attach one to a stick to avoid hand contact.

4 – Corn On The Cob

Corn cobs have actually been used for years as a toilet paper alternative (since the “Colon”ial times, even); however, this has been said to be a more…er…uncomfortable alternative than the softer options listed above.

Note: If you’re going to insist on using this method, make sure you’re still getting your daily dose of healthy veggies from other sources. Stock up on some yummy freeze-dried ones here before an emergency hits.

toilet paper alternatives - freeze dried food

5 – Wet Wipes/Moist Towelettes

This one is more obvious, but is one of the most effective options out there when you need it. There’s no butts about it – you NEED these in your bug out bag for when SHTF!

6 – Old Newspapers/Magazine Pages

Believe it or not, there’s more than one reason for those Reader’s Digests books in the bathroom.

For example, once Colonial Americans realized they could use newspaper pages to clean their derriere (rather than the corn cob route in #4) they then added a hole to the corner of the Farmer’s Almanac in order to hang it on the hook of the outhouse.

Warning: If you’re going to use this method, we recommend using really crappy reading material and NOT using ones with useful survival information (like these ones):

toilet paper alternatives - survival infromationtoilet paper alternatives - survival information 2

7 – Mullein

You won’t want to poo-poo this alternative, since mullein is actually known as “nature’s toilet paper” thanks to its super soft velvety texture. Watch the short video below to see what it looks like:

P.S: Did you know mullein is not only a great TP alternative, but is also known by Native Americans to be a natural cure for disease?! Check out all the info on this incredible plant here.

8 – Stone

You can’t just use any stone for this method (trust me, this will soon become PAINfully obvious); you don’t want to pick any with sharp corners or rough surfaces. Instead, choose a smooth, flat river stone to get the job done. This practice has been successfully used in Islamic cultures for years.

9 – Other Plant Leaves

Mullein isn’t the only plant that’ll take care of your business – other plant leaves such as Maple, Aster, Cottonwood, Hazelnut, Bolted Lettuce and Thimbleberry work well also.

However, it is imperative that you do NOT use poison ivy for your toilet paper needs! This should be obvious, but many preppers actually don’t know how to identify poison ivy in the wild.

We want you to remain itch-free when doing your business, so watch this survival video to learn how to identify poison ivy:


Although these are all great suggestions for toilet paper alternatives, I think we can all agree that none of them compare to the real thing. Which means if you don’t want to use a corn cob or a crappy magazine, you’ll need to stock up on his essential NOW.

One great way to know how much to stock is to do the following calculation:

# of rolls your household uses in a week X 52 weeks = # of rolls you need for a year

You can find great deals on huge amounts of toilet paper at wholesale department stores or online.

You can even buy toilet paper tablets, a nifty invention that makes survival a heck of a lot easier when you’re bugging out. Take a look at this video for more details:

Let’s face it – we’re going to need to be as prepared as we can be when SHTF, and that includes having dependable toilet paper on-hand at all times.

However, that’s not all you have to think about – in a bug out situation (or heck, even camping or road tripping) it can be an enormous pain to do your business without the proper equipment.

That’s why we’ve got our surprisingly comfy and incredibly durable Reliance Hassock Survival Toilet to help save the day.

This lightweight and self-contained emergency toilet allows you to doo-doo your dirty work comfortably and discreetly in the great outdoors. And with its removable inner bucket, inner splash cover and convenient toilet paper holder, this survival toilet provides everything you need for easy waste disposal and clean-up.

The Reliance Hassock Survival Toilet is also compatible with our Double Doodie PLUS Bag – a thick and durable leakproof waste bag with a large holding capacity and convenient handles for easy transporting.

Plus, each Double Doodie bag includes a unique Bio-Waste gelatin which masks odors and helps solidify liquid waste for easy clean-up. Survival has never been so convenient!

When SHTF you’re going to want this Reliance Hassock Survival Toilet by your side to do the dirty work so you can get on with setting up your shelter, making a fire, or traveling to your next bug out location.

Or heck, even bring it with you on a road trip or camping trip – I guarantee your kids and wife will be much happier with it than without.

Don’t wait for a crisis to get the incredibly useful survival toilet and leak-proof waste bags! Grab yours today by clicking on the images below, and start preparing for the “emergencies” you CAN control.

toilet paper alternatives - portable toilettoilet paper alternatives - toilet waste bag


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