12 Survival Uses For Zip Ties

12 Survival Uses For Zip Ties

multi color zip tiesThere are a surprising amount of survival uses for zip ties that could really help you out if SHTF.

I mean, most people have seen zip ties’ typical uses, such as grouping electrical cables together, or closing up bags.

But many preppers don’t know that these compact little tools can also really help them out if they’re bugging out, camping, or in an emergency situation. In fact, much like duct tape or paracord, their survival uses are pretty much endless.

One amazing thing about zip ties (or “cable ties,” as they’re commonly called) is they’re crazy cheap. However, if you want the most bang for your buck, get them off Amazon. They offer an incredible selection for low prices and fast shipping.

It’s important to note that these handy little guys come in lots of sizes. Make sure to have a variety of sizes with you for various tasks.

They also come in a ton of colors; however, the colored ones typically break more easily than the white and black ones. Keep bright blue and yellow ones in your pack to help you get rescued (see #1 below), but use white or black zip ties for the rest of your work.

My job is to help you stay prepared for anything, that’s why I’ve drawn up this handy list of…

12 Survival Uses For Zip Ties

1 – Help Rescue Crews Find You

There’s few things scarier than being lost and feeling like nobody will ever find you. Luckily, zip ties can leave clues for search and rescue teams to get you found in a snap.

Take out your brightly colored zip ties (I’m talking about colors like yellow and light blue that will stand out from the scenery) and attach them to trees, branches, or other natural objects. These markers will lead rescuers straight to you.

Note: Want to know another really cool survival item that will help you get found in a crisis? Click here to see our blog on it.

If getting rescued is your concern, these other survival tools could also help you out a great deal:

scream whistle


signal mirror


2 – Take Control Of The Enemy

If you come across someone that turns out to be an enemy, you can help take control of his actions by restraining him with a zip tie. Simply take a long zip tie (the wider the better), and wrap it around his wrists, securing it tightly.

These makeshift handcuffs will keep your enemy under control as you go on in your journey.

Note: If you want to see another cool survival tool you can also make handcuffs with, click here.

3 – Pitch A Shelter

Zip ties are great for helping you pitch a shelter; use them for things like tying a tarp around a tree branch. You can even build yourself a tipi by gathering three fallen branches and tying them off at the top before securing them in the ground.

If you want a shelter that’ll fit multiple people rain shine, grab this awesome 2-person tube tent by clicking here or on its image below.


tube tent


4 – Make A Rope

Zip ties are only made to be so long, but you can add length by connecting zip ties together. Simply take a zip tie and slide a second one through the hole until it locks in place. Continue this process until you have a rope long enough to use.

5 – Secure A Bandage or Gauze

If you get hurt in an emergency, you need to stop the bleeding and you need to do it fast. Wrap a long zip tie around the bandage and lock it into place. This will keep the wound secure and pressed against the bandage to help keep you safe from infection.

Note: According to medical professionals, zip ties are NOT to be used as tourniquets, as they’re too thin and are unable to stop all of the blood completely and effectively.

If you haven’t got enough gauze and bandages, you better stock up with our comprehensive premium first-aid kit here.

premium first aid kit


6 – Bug Out Bag Space Saver

It can be frustrating to keep rolling up all the clothes in your bug out bag or camping gear, especially when they so easily come undone. Solve the problem by rolling the item up tightly, and then wrapping/locking a zip tie around it. Your clothing will be secure, and you can now fit more survival tools in your pack.

7 – Block Out The Bugs

Few things are worse than having ants in your pants…or ticks..or any other type of critter. Block their access by tying a zip tie snugly around the bottom of each pant leg. This will prevent them from crawling up where they’re not supposed to go.

8 – Keep Your Hair Out Of Your Face

You’ve got enough to worry about without having to keep pushing your hair out of your eyes. Secure that long hair with a zip tie. Simply wrap it around your ponytail or bun, and it’ll keep your hair locked in place and out of your face.

9 – Secure Your Watch

A watch is an incredibly important survival tool – it’ll help you keep an eye on the time so you can better approximate when to expect dark, dusk, and daybreak. Plus, many watches light up, giving you a tiny light to use in emergencies.

However, none of this is worth it if your watch band snaps in half. You can repair it by slipping the zip tie through the holes in either end, and securing it snugly around your wrist.

10 – Hang A Shower

You can have a warm, refreshing shower even in the wilderness! Take a black trash bag, and fill it up with water. Tie it off, and hang the bag on a low-hanging tree branch with a zip tie, where it’ll get plenty of sunlight. Once the bag heats up, poke holes in the bottom, and enjoy your nice, hot shower.

Or, if you want an easier way, grab one of our amazing jumbo camper showers! They make hot showers a breeze – even in a crisis! 

solar heated shower


11 – DIY Belt

If you’re having trouble keeping your pants up, you can cinch them up with a zip tie rope. Simply connect the zip ties together to form a long rope (see #4 for details), and then slip it through your belt loops. Lock the ends together tightly, and continue on your way hassle-free.

12 – Attach Insulation

You can keep your survival shelter warm by adding things like branches and trash bags on top of the roof. Secure these with zip ties so they won’t fly off.

Note: Need more amazing survival uses for trash bags? We’ve got you covered right here.

Remember how I told you zip ties had a ton of survival uses? This video will show you way more. It’ll even show you how to unlock these zip ties quickly, as well as how they’ll help you draw your knife FAST if you need to defend yourself against enemies.

Zip ties are amazing little buggers, aren’t they? They have thousands of survival uses you can use to help you out if SHTF.

However, one of the things I don’t like about them is the fact that they’re so dang tiny…or the fact that you can so easily lose a bunch of them…or the fact that they’re difficult to unlock unless you have the right tools and a lot of patience.

So, bearing this in mind, I’m willing to give you a better option – paracord. And not just any paracord – I’m talkin’ about 100′ 7 strand 550 lbs rated paracord.

First off, this paracord can do absolutely anything those zip ties can do for you – and, unlike zip ties, it’s actually recommended you use it as a tourniquet if needed. And the best part is it’s a heck of a lot easier to untie a paracord knot than to try to unlock one of those zip ties (especially if you’re in panic mode).

Second, paracord is WAY more useful than its zip tie counterpart. It’s actually 7 cords in one, seeing as every inch of paracord has 7 strands tucked inside, ready and waiting to be used when you need finer cordage, such as for sewing up a hole in your jeans or to use as fishing line to catch some dinner.

Another reason this paracord is awesome is, despite the name, this particular brand will withstand 650 lbs. of weight! You can use it to tie down even the heaviest materials with ease!

If you’re still not entirely convinced that this paracord is WAY better than zip ties (and that you can use it for thousands of different uses), I encourage you to first read our blog on 100 survival uses of paracord here, and then check out this paracord’s INCREDIBLE reviews here (it’s NEVER received less than 5 stars – not once!).

I guarantee you’ll be a heck of a lot better prepared for disaster with this paracord; and as I always say, “Prepare Now, Survive Later!” Click here or on the image below to get your 100′ 7 strand 550 lbs rated paracord shipped to your door today.


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