9 Survival Uses For Dawn Dish Soap

9 Survival Uses For Dawn Dish Soap

uses for dawn dish soapI think most of us can say we enjoy the typical uses for Dawn dish soap – after all, it’s surprisingly relaxing to clean off the grimy mold and grease left on your pots, pans, dishes, and cookware.

However, few preppers realize the extent to which you can use this grease-cutting liquid in a survival situation.

You’re about to realize that Dawn dish soap can help you out in WAY more ways than just keeping your dishes clean…for example, it can also help you see, it can help protect your food, and it’ll even fight off tiny killers we encounter every day (just to name a few).

Note: Keep in mind these uses are MOST effective when you use the regular Dawn, and not the anti-bacterial Dawn. If you buy the anti-bacterial stuff, you’re bound to be disappointed in a survival situation.

9 Survival Uses For Dawn Dish Soap

1 – Protect Your Food

By transforming Dawn soap into a bug-killing spray, you can easily mist the liquid over the plants in your survival garden to protect your food from bugs. To do this, simply combine 2 tsp of Dawn dish liquid with 1 qt water into a spray bottle (often found in the cleaning supplies section of your grocery store).

This liquid will not harm you or your plants, but the soap will leave a residue on the plants that bugs hate. Make sure to always wash your produce well before eating.

2 – Kill The Bugs

Spiders, wasps, flies, and ants are all tiny killers – killers of your food, killers of your patience, and killers of your sanity. These buggers can make it a real pain to do your daily tasks; and, in a survival situation, it only gets worse (believe me). Get rid of them by spraying them with the spray solution I described in #1.

Be sure to spray these bugs multiple times in a row; although it may take longer for them to die than with the use of brand-name bug killers, it will surely do the trick.

Note: For ant removal, you can also use this solution to wipe down your counters and other surfaces with. The soap will leave a residue that ants can’t stand, and will greatly reduce the amount you find crawling around.

3 – See Clearly

Shooting in the hot sun can make you sweat profusely, and the humidity can quickly fog up your sunglasses and/or normal eyeglasses, rendering your eyesight almost useless.

Fix the issue with a little Dawn dish soap. Simply dab a little of the soap onto your fingertips, and then rub it over the lenses of your glasses. Wipe off the lenses with a clean towel/rag/shirt, and, they’ll be good as new.

Better yet, not only will this method clean your glasses, but the soap residue left on your glasses will help prevent them from becoming fogged up again. This is especially useful in high humidity weather, or when opening up the oven/dishwasher after it’s been running.

4 – Remove Stains

If you got a little too excited about eating dinner while bugging in (and now the food is all over your clothing), you can simply pour a little Dawn dish soap onto the stain, and then take an old toothbrush and scrub the stain with it. Throw the garment in the laundry, and you’ll be good to go.

Note: In a bug-out situation, you probably won’t have access to a washing machine. Luckily, we’ve got multiple ways to help you do laundry off-grid. Check them out here.

5 – Unclog Your Toilet

Toilets can be some of your greatest assets while bugging in; however, if they get clogged, it can create a real hassle for you and your family.

To unclog them, simply pour one cup of Dawn dish soap into the toilet, and leave it for 10-15 minutes. When the time is up, add a bucket of hot water to the bowl, and your toilet should flush and be good to go.

6 – Stop The Spreading

Poison ivy blisters can be an enormous pain (literally and figuratively), and it can spread extremely easily through the oil in the blister. Stop the spreading by cleaning the affected areas with Dawn dish soap. This will clear out the oil and help speed up the healing process.

7 – Remove Ice From Concrete

To help you avoid slipping on icy sidewalks, driveways, and other concrete materials, you can create a concoction of Dawn dish soap (1 tsp), rubbing alcohol (1 tbsp), and hot water (1/2 gal.). Pour the mixture over the icy concrete, and the liquid will not only de-ice the walkways, but will also help prevent the surfaces from refreezing.

8 – Shampoo Replacement

Few preppers will be able to depend on their expensive shampoos to clean their greasy hair once SHTF – especially in long-term bug out scenarios. Luckily, Dawn dish soap is here to help.

This liquid’s primary use is to cut grease, which making it a great shampoo alternative. Luckily, it also doesn’t damage your hair or skin. Lather it into your hair. Rinse it out with hot water, and it’ll leave your scalp and hair oil-free.

Note: This is also a great shampoo for your pets in a survival situation. Wash them with the soap and it’ll not only get their fur clean, but it will also kill fleas on contact. A win-win!

9 – DIY Entertainment

As preppers, we’re accustomed to preparing for emergencies with the latest/best foods, survival tools, and medical supplies. However, what most preppers don’t even think about is how they’re going to keep themselves and their families entertained once SHTF.

Luckily, Dawn dish soap is here to give you and the kids a few hours of entertainment. Simply combine 1/2 cup of Ultra Dawn soap with 1/2 gal. warm water, and 1 tbsp glycerin into a bowl. Stir gently, and scrape the foam off the top of the mixture.

Now dip a large bubble wand into the bowl, and you’ll be able to blow huge bubbles to help keep you and the kids entertained.

Amazingly enough, Dawn dish soap has WAY more uses than just the nine listed above; you can watch the video below for even more survival hacks!

Now like I said in #9, I am shocked that more preppers don’t think about entertainment in an SHTF situation. It’s almost as though they’re so focused on preparing for disaster, that they don’t think about the times in-between, when they’re sitting in their bug out shelter, or trying not to go crazy with boredom while bugging in.

Entertainment might seem like a luxury to some preppers, but I assure you – having some compact, fun ways to keep yourself and your group entertained will not only help relieve boredom, but it’ll also help raise spirits, boost morale, and get your creative juices flowing.

One of the best ways to entertain yourself in an SHTF situation (and to even help you PREPARE for one as well) is through the use of our Survival Tips Playing Cards.

These survival cards are seriously handy in helping you prepare for an SHTF situation. That’s because every single card contains an example of a different disaster scenario, along with informative tips on how to make it out alive. Not only does this help you learn how to survive anything life throws at you, but it also allows you to test your friends and see how prepared THEY are for a crisis.

However, this deck of cards isn’t just for seriousness; it also contains the same lettering and numbering of your average deck of cards, allowing you to play your favorite card games such as poker, blackjack, go fish, and more when times get tough.

Boasting nearly 100 5-star reviews, it is clear that preppers love using this life-saving deck of cards to help them prepare for future emergencies, while also helping them get some necessary stress-relief of the daily grind. And it’s hard to find a better combination than that.

Grab a few decks of our Survival Tips Playing Cards today (by clicking on the picture below), and store these compact entertainment devices in your home, in your camping supplies, and in your bug out bag for disaster preparedness. You won’t regret it!

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