Survival Fresh Canned Meat vs. Grocery Store Canned Meat: A Survival Food Showdown

Survival Fresh Canned Meat vs. Grocery Store Canned Meat: A Survival Food Showdown

Welcome to part two of our survival food showdown! In a previous post, we explored 6 key differences between emergency food and grocery store staples to consider when building your emergency food stockpile. In today's faceoff, we're taking a look at one particular food that holds a special place in our heart – canned meat.

In this competitive analysis, we'll delve into the significant differences between Survival Fresh Canned Meat and typical grocery store canned meat by examining features like shelf life, ingredients, sourcing, production, and overall quality.

Ready to dive deep into the world of canned meat? Let's break it down:

Shelf-Life Showdown

Shelf life is hugely important when you’re storing food long term. Survival Fresh Canned Meat stands head and shoulders above the rest in this regard. Most grocery store canned meat has a shelf life of approximately two to five years. It’s certainly no slouch, but Survival Fresh Canned Meat guarantees a minimum shelf life of 5 years. When stored properly in cool, dry conditions out of direct sunlight, it boasts an impressive shelf life of up to 25 years!

This extended shelf life ensures you’ll have access to high-quality meat and protein during an emergency – even if it happens two decades from now – no butcher shop or grocery store needed. It provides padded peace of mind for those who are looking to build a truly long-term emergency food supply. Score for the home team.

Ingredients Inspection

When comparing canned meat options, Survival Fresh Canned Meat distinguishes itself by having only two simple ingredients – premium lean meat and a pinch of sea salt. That's it. All our meats are completely free from artificial additives, fillers, growth hormones, and preservatives, making them a healthier choice compared to a lot of grocery store options. All our meats are also free from mRNA vaccines.


The specific ingredients used in grocery store canned meat can vary across different brands and products, making it essential to read the labels to know what you’re getting. For instance, here's the ingredients list for one highly recognizable brand's beef that you can find in most grocery stores:

Ingredients: Seasoned Cooked Beef (Beef, Water, Sodium Phosphate), Water, Beef, Modified Food Starch, Maltodextrin, Onion Powder, Rice Starch, Salt, Tomato Powder, Caramel Color, Spices.

Spices are nice, but as you can see, this brand's beef is watered down, contains the preservative sodium phosphate, contains maltodextrin (which is typically derived from GMO corn), and contains fillers and additives. Without digging deeper than the label, it's impossible to know if this brand uses or avoids growth hormones, antibiotics, mRNA vaccines, etc. in their beef.   

For people who want to eat clean even if SHTF, Survival Fresh provides a wholesome and nutritious option.

Macronutrient Spotlight: Protein in Canned Meat

Calling all carnivores – as far as nutrition is concerned, Survival Fresh Canned Meat provides quality, lean protein that your body craves to keep you full, satisfied, and energized, especially during disaster situations. We're neck and neck with this one – grocery store canned meat is also usually a solid source of protein.

That said, some brands may have more fat and additives, while others may be lower in protein content and higher in sodium. Do your due diligence and read your labels to determine what's right for you.

Sourcing, Production, and Packaging Differences

Survival Fresh Canned Meat is all-American and proudly sourced and produced in the USA. We only use trusted farmers that raise their animals right – WITH room to roam on American soil and WITHOUT funny business like growth hormones. The meat is packed in a 4th generation family-run cannery, where the cuts of meat are literally hand-selected. This ensures that only the highest quality meat is used in the manufacturing process.

The process of canning the Survival Fresh meat is completely different than your run-of-the-mill grocery store canned meat. As opposed to being pre-cooked in big batches and then sealed in cans like typical grocery store meats, Survival Fresh takes a unique, old-fashioned approach. First, the heavy-duty cans are filled with raw meat. Next, a pinch of sea salt is added, and the cans are sealed. Then, in small batches, the meat is slow cooked inside the cans. This gives it the ultra-long shelf life with no preservatives. It also retains the meat’s natural juices and maximizes flavor.

With Survival Fresh, you’ll also find unmatched packaging. Our cans are American-made steel and BPA free. These are not cheap foreign-made aluminum cans that can be cause for concern. Last but not least, our Survival Fresh Canned Meats are shipped to you in our proprietary DentGuard Box to make sure your meat arrives completely dent and damage-free – guaranteed.

The way grocery store canned meats are sourced, selected, and packaged can differ by a country mile depending on the brand. Don't get us wrong, we know there are some good ones out there that could give Survival Fresh a run for its money, but you'll have to do your research.

Thing is, food labels often lack transparency. For instance, the country of origin may not be apparent from the label, or the quality of the meat cuts selected. Additionally, some grocery store options use more extensive processing techniques, including higher levels of preservatives, to extend the meat's shelf life. These techniques can compromise the overall quality and nutritional value of the canned meat.

Overall Quality and Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to premium survival food, Survival Fresh Canned Meat is the reigning champ. It has earned hundreds of 5-star reviews for its flavor and texture and was voted the #1 best-tasting survival food. Perhaps an even bigger claim to fame? It impressed the pickiest eaters of them all – grandkids. We’ve had customers reach out to tell us how much their grandchildren love it. 

It also receives high praise for its convenience, as it comes recipe-ready and requires only heating and serving. This makes it effortless to prepare a delicious and nutritious meal, even during challenging times.

Grocery store meat varies from brand to brand. Some negative reviews of grocery store canned meats highlight issues like poor taste, tough texture, and an overall lack of flavor. These concerns can impact the morale and satisfaction of individuals relying on canned meat as a key part of their emergency food supplies.

Availability, Cost, and Convenience

Survival Fresh Canned Meat can be easily obtained through our official Survival Frog website, and this is the only place you’ll find our meat. This easy online platform allows you to order and store your emergency food supplies ahead of time – in fact, it forces you to plan ahead. You can also place an order by calling our customer service specialists at 1-800-773-7737 (1-800-PREPPER).

Most of our customers find online shopping convenient, but we understand not everybody agrees and some people would prefer to head to their local supermarket.

If you opt for grocery store canned meat, we still encourage you to stock up ahead of time. Otherwise, grocery store options may be subject to limited availability during emergencies, as panic-buying often depletes stock quickly, especially when it comes to canned goods (and toilet paper...).

While Survival Fresh Canned Meat costs more up front than your average grocery store canned meat, that’s because it’s nowhere near average. The highest quality standards upheld, from the meat to the cans to the box, to the extra-long shelf life from the specialized small batch canning process, give Survival Fresh added value most grocery store options simply do not have. You can eat this meat in the first year or in the 25th year, no matter what’s going on in the world or with the supply chain or power grid. It’s insurance that you’ll always be able to feed your family.

Canned meats across the board are a convenient "just heat and serve" option during emergencies, with no prep work or lengthy cooking times needed.

Survival Fresh or Supermarket?

There you have it – a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the world of canned meat and show you what sets Survival Fresh apart from the rest. Around here, we view it as our “hero” product. Every decision we’ve made about our canned meat has been made with intention – and with the goal of delivering to you the highest quality product on the market. It’s a product we are proud of and that we use to prepare our own families. No matter what kind you choose to stock up on, canned meat is a savvy edition to your emergency food supply.

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