13 Survival Foods That Will Last Forever

13 Survival Foods That Will Last Forever

pantry itemsEvery prepper needs a pantry stocked with survival food.

Having access to food and water is a priority in a crisis, and yet there is one downside to storing food yourself.

Most survival food is made to be stored, but many items still come with expiration dates.

And since you never know when disaster will strike, there’s a likelihood that some or all of your food could go bad before you ever need to use it.

As a prepper, you’re left with a difficult decision on how to properly manage and replenish your stored food supply.

Luckily, there are some foods and ingredients that never expire, which means you can buy them know and keep them stored with no worry.

13 Survival Foods That Will Last Forever

Most of the foods on this list will not be enough to prepare a complete meal, but they can add flavor and some extra calories to your dinner.

I’ve talked about some of the little things you can do to de-stress during a crisis, and nothing beats enjoying a tasty meal with your family.

Plus, you’ll see that many of the items on this list can be utilized in a variety of different ways to help you survive.

1 – Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar

As long as you keep it sealed, apple cider vinegar will last forever when stored in a cool, dry pantry.

You can use it on salads, as a marinade for meat, or even as a non-toxic cleaning product for your home.

Apple cider vinegar is often called a superfood because of all the health benefits it has. It helps stop the spread of bad bacteria in your digestive tract, and studies have shown that it may also help kill cancer cells in the body.

2 – Salt

As long as you don’t buy the seasoned variety, you can expect salt to last indefinitely.

On top of that, you can use salt to extend the shelf life of other foods like meat or even fruit.

Read this article on 19 amazing uses for salt to see why this is one survival food you don’t want to be without.

3 – Soy Sauce

Soy sauce will also last forever is left unopened, mainly due to its high salt content.

Soy sauce is a great way to add some flavor to your meal, and you can even combine it with one other item on this list to make a delicious glaze.

4 – Pemmican

Pemmican is a mix of dried, lean meat and fat that is pressed into a little cake.

This survival food was first made by Native Americans and was later used in rations for soldiers during the Second Boer War.

Here’s a recipe for making pemmican on your own.

5 – Raw Honey

If you need proof that raw honey lasts forever, look no further than the fact that archaeologists often find unspoiled honey in Egyptian tombs that thousands of years old.

It’s true that honey will crystallize over time, but it’s still safe to eat after you heat it up a little to get it back to the right consistency. Combine it with soy sauce to make a simple but delicious glaze to add to meat.


6 – Corn Starch

Kept dry, corn starch will stay good forever and can be used to thicken gravies and stews.

7 – Dried Lentils

Lentils are easy to cook, have a high nutritional value, and are an excellent source of protein.

These legumes can also help regulate blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes.

8 – Alcohol

bottles of liquor

Distilled liquor won’t even go bad after it’s been opened, and while hard alcohol isn’t really a survival food is can be a great survival tool.

Even if you don’t drink it yourself, alcohol can help disinfect wounds, relieve pain during surgery, and be used for battering.

Not only can you count on alcohol to last, but you can also expect it to be in high demand after SHTF.

9 – White Rice

Like honey, archaeologists have uncovered perfectly preserved rice in Egyptian tombs.

Stored in the right conditions, white rice will last indefinitely. Just make sure you store in an airtight container to keep out bugs.

10 – Powdered Milk

During a crisis, powdered milk can serve as a source of calcium and vitamin D.

11 – Hardtack

Hardtack is a mixture of water and flour that forms into a hard cracker.

Most famously used by soldiers during the Civil War, hardtack will provide long-lasting sustenance during an emergency even though the taste isn’t great.

12 – Ghee

jar of ghee

Ghee is butter that has been boiled until all moisture has evaporated. This evaporation is what keeps ghee from spoiling over time like regular butter.

13 – Long Term Storage Food



Food that’s specifically meant for survival stockpiles often has a long shelf-life. Some of them can even last for over 25 years and still come out just fine at the end!

Check out our full selection of survival food on this page.

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