Why Preppers Should Raise Ducks for Survival

Why Preppers Should Raise Ducks for Survival

Many preppers plan on having a garden and growing crops when SHTF…but what about a reliable source of meat? For those who are interested in raising animals, you might be wondering which animal you should raise.

While there’s no one “right” answer to this question, ducks are generally considered one of the easiest animals to raise, which is perfect for first-timers.

Here’s why preppers should consider raising ducks as part of their survival plan.

Ducks Are Tough

Ducks are surprisingly tough, which makes them a great choice for preppers who are raising animals for the first time.

Their outer layer of feathers are waterproof, so they stay nice and dry even when it’s wet out. Plus, they have a thick undercoat of feathers that helps protect them too.

Ducks also adapt well to both hot and cold weather because they have an extra layer of fat on their bodies that helps insulate them from temperature changes.

They Stay Healthy

Animals get sick too, and this can be a big problem with some animals…but ducks are one of the healthiest animals and rarely get diseases.

This makes ducks a great choice for preppers who want to raise an animal that doesn’t require a lot of care.

They Lay Eggs

If you raise other animals, all you’ll have to show for your hard work is the meat they eventually provide… but ducks lay eggs throughout their lives, giving you a secondary source of protein and extending the duck’s life.

Ducks lay eggs every day of the year, so you’ll have plenty of them for you and your family. Chickens only lay eggs for half that time.

High-Quality Eggs

Duck eggs are considered a delicacy in many parts of the world, and it’s no wonder when you consider that duck eggs are larger, tastier, and healthier than chicken eggs.

Their shells are also thicker, which makes them more durable and have a longer shelf life.

Pest Control

Lawn and garden pests can get out of control if there isn’t something to keep them in check. You don’t need to use harmful chemicals when your ducks will happily get rid of those pests for you.

Ducks will eat pretty much anything that dares enter your lawn. Usually, they’ll eat a lot of bugs like worms and snails, but don’t be surprised when you see your ducks hunting and killing larger animals like frogs and snakes!

Ducks Are Friendly

Ducks are much friendlier than chickens. In fact, ducks are so friendly that some people consider them to be pets rather than livestock.

Unlike chickens, which can be standoffish and will fight with each other, ducks will quickly welcome new members to their group and are even friendly with their human owners.

Just try not to get too attached to them if you plan on slaughtering them for meat later.

They’re Quiet

Ducks usually stay pretty quiet. They only start quacking when they become agitated, such as from the threat of a nearby predator.

Compare that to chickens which make noise almost constantly. Your home will be much more quiet and peaceful with ducks.

If you don’t want to raise any animals, then you’ll need some other source of protein for when SHTF. Survival Fresh Canned Meats have a shelf life of 25+ years and are packed with protein and only contain two ingredients: meat and salt!

Tell your fellow preppers your tips and tricks for raising animals in the comments below!

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