14 Places To Hide Your Money In Plain Sight

14 Places To Hide Your Money In Plain Sight

rolled up moneyI believe one of the most important things you can do as a prepper (or as a cautious human being, really) is know where to hide your money.

This one isn’t difficult to understand – you’ve worked hard for that cash and saved it; therefore, you should make sure it’s hidden in a secret place.

This should be common sense, but surprisingly, it’s a step that’s missed by a lot of preppers (or, many times, they’re doing it wrong and hiding money in obvious places, like underneath the mattress).

Of course, many people are saying the time is quickly approaching when SHTF and cash becomes useless (here’s our tips on preparing for that). But, until then, it’s good sense to hide the cash you’ve got where the bankers, robbers (and even family members) won’t find it.

My job is to protect you, which means helping you protect your finances as well. That’s why I’ve created this awesome and ingenious list of…

14 Places To Hide Your Money In Plain Sight

1 – In Your Phone Case

This is a super handy one, especially since most people have a case on their phone nowadays. Simply remove the phone case from your device, slip some bills in it, and then slip the phone back in place. That way, you have cash with you wherever you go – and nobody will know.

2 – In Your Bedroom Door

This is pretty brilliant – find a small metal tube and put rolled up bills (and other small valuables) in it. Then, drill a hole slightly larger than the tube on the top, flat edge of the door, and stick the tube inside. No robber’s going to think of snooping there!

3 – In Your Lettuce

…At least, that’s what burglars will think it is. Companies actually make incredibly small safes that look like a head of lettuce.

The bottom of the lettuce safe snaps off, leaving you the perfect place to hide your hard-earned cash. Even if the robber looks in the fridge for a snack, your money will still be hidden in plain sight!

4 – Under A Rock

First, grab an empty pill bottle and drop some rolled up dollar bills in it. Then, head out to your backyard, grab a rock, and glue it to the top of the pill bottle.

Now bury the bottle in a place where people don’t normally walk, so that only the rock remains visible. Presto! Hidden money.

5 – In A Floating Shelf

Floating shelves are all the rage right now, which make them popular enough that you can strategically use them to hide your cash. By installing a secret drawer underneath the shelf, you’ve created a nifty way to stash those bills where nobody will suspect.

6 – In A Hidden Medicine Cabinet

Take a small medicine cabinet and affix it to the wall. Then, cover it with a larger framed piece of art or picture. Your money will stay hidden, and people will be too busy admiring the artwork to suspect a thing.

7 – In The Insulation

Head into your basement and look up – if the joists in the ceiling are exposed, you can stuff cash between the boards of the floor and the insulation.

8 – In The Sofa

With a few tools, you can build an extra sofa for your home – only this time, you can add compartments under the cushions to easily store your cash (as well as other valuables). People will be relaxing on your furniture and not even know they’re sitting on a pile of money!

9 – In Your Keyboard

You can actually purchase hollowed out keyboards that have storage space underneath the keys.

Now, I understand that a burglar may want to steal your computer, but it’s an excellent tool to use if you’re worried about nosy neighbors or family that you don’t want snooping around your valuables.

10 – Inside The Bestseller

Choose an old book (we recommend one you’re not attached to) and cut a long rectangle through the center of a stack of pages. You might have ruined the novel, but you’ve now created a handy, secret safe to store your money in.

11 – Under The Tiles

This one’s so cool – choose a couple bathroom tiles to uproot, and then dig a hole into the floor underneath. There you are – a whole extra storage compartment for your dollars that nobody is ever going to find. Just make sure to remember which tiles you picked!

12- In The Outlet

Simply unscrew the outlet from the wall and slip in your wadded up bills. Screw the outlet back on, and nobody will be the wiser.

13 – In The Tub

If you’ve got an encased bathtub, use that to your advantage by adding storage areas into the encasement and hide your valuables in there. After all – who would look in the bathtub for items to steal, right?

bathtub with hidden compartment

Pictures courtesy of diyncrafts.com

14 – Under The Trap Door

This is especially great if you’ve got a landing on your staircase. Hollow out part of the landing to create a perfectly sized storage space for your hidden cash. Make sure to replace the cut out floorboard, and then add a rug or replace the carpet to keep it hidden.

Ok, so I know I said I had a list of 14 items, but I’m a sucker for these hacks, and I figure if you’ve gotten this far in the article, you are too.

Here’s 5 more insanely cool ways to hide your money and other valuables:

Ok so I know we talked this whole time about how to hide your cash – and they’re really cool, inventive ways to store that hard-earned dough. But let’s face it – this is the 21st century, and most people don’t carry cash anymore – they carry credit cards.

There’s no debate that plastic is king, and it’s often the go-to choice for everyone (preppers and non-preppers alike) to spend that green.

But here’s the thing – even though you wouldn’t want to hide your credit card in a bathtub or behind a wall, you still need to keep it safe and protected against, well, a different kind of robber.

These kinds of robbers don’t need to break into your house to steal your money – they can do it just by standing next to you. You see, that credit card in your wallet has a magnetic strip on the back; and these robbers have tiny computers the size of your pocket that can steal your credit card info when they stand close to you. Scary? You bet.

But here’s the thing – they can’t get to your info if their computer’s hacking is blocked by our Safe Wallet Shield. These high-tech, lightweight card sleeves are able to stop thieves’ computers in their tracks due to a special alloy on the holder.

Similar cards are used by federal agents, and these shields are the one item that’ll not only help protect your credit card from damage, but also stop thieves from stealing your credit card info and all that hard-earned money you’ve been saving for when SHTF.

My favorite part, however, is the price – for less than $15 you can get a four-pack of safe wallet shields – which means you can use all four if you have multiple cards, or keep two for your debit and credit, and give two to your wife or a buddy.

What you spend today on this will end up saving you hundreds, thousands, or maybe even millions of dollars if you’re unfortunate enough to stand next to the wrong person in line at the supermarket, at a concert, or….really any public place.

Federal agents stand by the technology used in the Safe Wallet Shields and so do we – so you know it’s got to be good. Click this link (or the pictures below!) to make sure those savings stay exactly where they need to be – in your bank account and under your control.

hide your money - safe wallet




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