9 Camping Supplies for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

9 Camping Supplies for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Planning an unforgettable camping trip? Gear up for your next outdoor adventure with 9 of our top-notch but lesser-known camping supplies. From versatile multitools and durable essentials to off-the-beaten-path bushcraft favorites and safety-first supplies, From innovative tools that ensure safety and efficiency, to essential gear that elevates comfort and convenience, we’ve handpicked some of the best Survival Frog has to offer to help you thrive in the great outdoors. Whether you’re navigating rugged trails, setting up a cozy campsite, or simply want to be equipped for a wilderness rescue, be prepared with these 9 indispensable additions to your camping checklist.

  1. Tactical Outdoor Backpack 2.0 – Tan

Camp gear 101: A reliable and sturdy backpack is a must-have for any camping trip, and you won't want to wander down the trail without one. The Tactical Outdoor Backpack 2.0 in tan is designed specifically for outdoor adventures, with durable construction and multiple compartments to keep your gear organized. Spacious with a 25-liter capacity, it also features MOLLE webbing for easy attachment of extra accessories like water bottles, flashlights, and more. The padded back and straps make it a comfortable companion for all your hikes, camping trips, and outdoor excursions.

  1. Survival Folding Saw

For any true outdoorsman, the Survival Folding Saw is a handy companion. This compact tool slides effortlessly into your camping kit, occupying minimal space yet delivering maximum performance. Crafted with a dual angle, heavy-duty SK5 steel blade, it effortlessly cuts through small and medium branches, making campfire preparations or shelter building a breeze. The ergonomic non-slip handle makes for a comfortable and stable grip while cutting, and its foldable design and secure closed position ensures safety when it’s not in use. It weighs in at less than one pound, but this durable saw is engineered for the rugged demands of the wilderness. Make quick work of kindling with the Survival Folding Saw.

  1. 3-in-1 Tesla Knife Arc Lighter

What’s a campsite without a campfire? The 3-in-1 Tesla Knife Arc Lighter is a powerful survival lighter and invaluable tool for staying warm and cooking meals around camp. Like the original Tough Tesla before it – but with a sharp new twist – this plasma arc lighter is waterproof, windproof, and rechargeable, making it the perfect survival lighter for starting fires in any weather conditions. But it doesn't stop there – integrated into its design is a durable stainless steel knife blade, handy for cutting cordage, preparing food, or shaving kindling. Finally, this 3-in-1 tool includes a glass breaker, useful around camp as a tent stake hammer, ice breaker, and nutcracker for foraged black walnuts.

  1. Bow Drill Fire Starter Kit

Make fire without a lighter or matches! Our Bow Drill Fire Starter Kit is an essential piece of gear for true outdoor enthusiasts and anyone wanting to practice their bushcraft skills. This kit allows you to connect with the wilderness in the most authentic way possible, by mastering the art of creating flames like our ancestors did. You’ll love the challenge of creating fire without lighters or matches, using the ancient art of “friction fire.” Not only is it a practical skill to have in survival situations, but it also makes for a fun and engaging campsite activity the entire family will love. For kids (we recommend 10 and up) and adults wanting the challenge of primitive fire-making, this kit promises not just warmth and light, but a truly memorable experience. Let the primitive side of you come out and play and make fire like the caveman!

  1. Stainless Steel Camping Cup

Just like you have your favorite coffee mug in the morning, our Stainless Steel Camping Cup will quickly become your go-to tool for off-grid eats and drinks. With its roomy 690mL capacity, it's more than just a cup for your morning brew. This all-purpose container makes a great cooking vessel, whether you're boiling water or whipping up a quick meal in the wilderness. Its durable stainless steel construction promises longevity and resistance to the elements, making it perfect for any outdoor adventure. Beyond its primary uses, it also offers clever storage for smaller gear items, ensuring you make the most out of every inch of pack space. This camping cup might just join the ranks with your cast iron skillet, proving itself as an indispensable companion for off-grid culinary exploits.

  1. Adjustable Trekking Poles

The ultimate supportive companion for the great outdoors! These Adjustable Trekking Poles are designed to provide stability and support on any terrain, making them ideal for hiking, trekking, and backpacking. The adjustable height feature allows you to customize the length to your height and the terrain you're traversing, while the ergonomic rubber grips provide a comfortable and secure hold. The poles are made of lightweight aluminum, making them easy to carry and use for extended periods. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or a beginner, these trekking poles will help you navigate any trail with ease – let them help you step towards your next adventure!

  1. Survival Camping Hatchet

No campsite is complete without a trusty Survival Camping Hatchet. Crafted from high carbon steel, this Survival Hatchet ensures you're always ready to split wood for your campfire or shelter construction. Weighing in at just a pound and a half, this hatchet adds minimal weight to your pack, making it a dream for hikers, backpackers, and campers alike. Its meticulously designed comfortable grip and balanced weight make usage both safe and efficient, enhancing your outdoor experience without the bulk. Plus, it comes with its own sheath for safe and secure transport.

  1. HydroStop Lightweight Dry Bag – 20 L Blue

The 20-Liter HydroStop Dry Bag from Survival Frog is an indispensable ally for any camper who treads the line between adventure and the elements. This dry bag is engineered with a rugged, waterproof design to keep your essentials bone dry and protected, no matter how torrential the downpour or how deep the river crossing. Its roll-top closure ensures an airtight seal, safeguarding electronics, clothes, and food from moisture, while its 20-liter capacity offers ample space without weighing you down. Lightweight yet durable, it's designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor life, making it the perfect companion for camping, kayaking, or any adventure where the water might challenge the safety of your gear. Beyond practicality, its simplicity in design means ease of use in any situation, proving that in the wilderness, the right gear doesn't just carry your supplies – it carries your peace of mind. Plus, it floats!

  1. Emergency Help Flag Signal

Last but not least – when you're off the beaten path, being visible in case of emergency is crucial. This bright orange Help Flag is an instantly recognizable distress signal designed to get attention – even from afar. It can be easily seen from a great distance both on the ground and from the air. Super lightweight yet durable, it's easy to carry without adding bulk to your pack – but it unfolds to be 2x3 feet. As an added feature, the ring holes ensure secure attachment to your tent, backpack, tree branches or other surrounding objects. Stay safe and be seen with this essential safety-first supply on your next camping trip. It's the type of gear you hope you never have to use, but if you ever find yourself lost or injured and in need of rescue, this simple survival tool could save your life.

Ready, Set, Camp: Sealing the Deal on Your Camping Gear

In wrapping up our exploration of the 9 essential camping supplies, remember that it's our mission around here to make preparing easy – but also to endorse the great outdoors! We understand being equipped with the right gear can make or break your camping experience. And we think these 9 supplies are what every happy camper needs!

That's why we’ve put all 9 pieces of gear into one steal-of-a-deal camping bundle. Purchasing each piece of gear separately would cost $314.73, but we believe in offering exceptional value to our fellow outdoor enthusiasts. For this reason, we're excited to present this exclusive bundle to you for only $149.99! With camping season upon on, we encourage you to gear up, save big, and step confidently into your next outdoor adventure.


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