5 Ways To Store Meat Without Refrigeration

5 Ways To Store Meat Without Refrigeration

store meat without refrigerationWe know a huge factor in prepping is sustaining your resources for as long as possible – that’s why I want to tell you about these nifty ways to store meat without refrigeration.

Man has hunted for and devoured meat since the dawn of time; thus, meat has become an essential, protein-packed staple in our diet.

However, the first refrigerator wasn’t invented until the early-to-mid 1800’s, so people needed to create ways to store and preserve their meat without refrigeration.

It may be the year 2016, and we may have all this new technology and comfort, but I would argue that, as a prepper, it’s imperative to recall the ways those before us stored food in order to better prepare ourselves for crises to come.

After all, it’s not smart to try and lug your mini-fridge with you in a SHTF situation, and there’s very few outlets in the wild.

Note: Keep in mind that meat is GREAT (I think we’ll all agree about that) but it’s not the only source of nutrients you should be getting. Eat your meat alongside our delicious freeze-dried veggies (shelf life of 25+ years!) to amp up your nutrition and vitality in a SHTF situation.

5 Ways To Store Meat Without Refrigeration

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1 – Drying

Drying (or dehydrating) meat is a practice that’s been used for thousands of years, and is still one of the most common ways of keeping meat edible. The meat is dried using heat; you can use various heat sources for this method, such as a fire, charcoal/gas grill, dehydrators, or an oven.

Jerky is the most recognizable name for dried meat – and the best part is, when you do it yourself in the wild, it eliminates the need for any chemicals or preservatives like those found in grocery store jerky (plus, it still tastes great).

Note: be sure to remove all skin and fat from the meat before cutting, and cut meat slices as thin as possible – this will cause them to cook more quickly and thoroughly.

Here’s a video to show you how to make jerky in the wild (video contains adult language):

2 – Canning

This is probably the best method for long-term preservation (we’re talking years of shelf life). This process sterilizes the meat in a container and seals it against any contamination.

Note: when canning, raw packing (#4) or hot packing (#5) it is most efficient to use a pressurized canning system to ensure proper cooking.

3 – Curing

Curing involves salting the meat, therefore dehydrating it and preserving it (plus, salt naturally helps prevent the growth of microorganisms in the meat).

One of the most common ways of curing meat is by letting the juices drain off after you’ve rubbed the salt into the meat; another is by preserving the meat in a salt solution (also known as “brining” the meat).

4 – Raw Packing

In this method, raw meat is cut into cubes, salted and packed into a canning jar. The lid must be vacuum sealed and the can must be stored in a cool place. This method can ensure that meat keeps for years, but it has a longer processing time than other methods.

5 – Hot Packing

In this method, meat is boiled and salt/spices are added. Then, the boiled pieces are placed into jars when they are 2/3 of the way cooked. The hot broth is poured over the pieces, and then the jar/lid is wiped down and capped tightly.

Note: Keep in mind your container is just as important as the meat, so make sure you properly prepare it for storage.

The beauty of using these methods is that they allow you to choose from a variety of meats to preserve; virtually every kind of meat out there is yours to salt and store.

As they say, “Variety is the spice of life“… and that is never more apparent than when you’re stuck in a long-term SHTF situation.

Survival is one thing, but I’ll be honest – there’s often limited options of any resource in a crisis, and eating the same old boring, flavorless survival food day in and day out makes even the most patient man grumble (and don’t get me started on picky eaters).

We want to help you and your family not only stay alive, but to thrive in a crisis – and that’s why we’ve got these fantastic canned meat sampler packs. Each sampler pack contains 5 mouth-watering farm-raised selections: Turkey, Beef, Chicken, Ground Beef and Pork.

Not only are these meats delicious (they’re one of Survival Frog’s top-rated and top-selling products!) but they also have a 25+ year shelf-life, so they’ll taste just as amazing today as they will years from now if a crisis hits.

Plus, you won’t find any chemicals in these, either – each can contains simply meat, salt and natural juices. No unnatural preservatives, no chemicals.

Get a sampler pack today to enjoy the spice of life that comes with variety and smart prepping.

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