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GT-Lite 2-in-1 Bright LED Flashlight Work Light Combo with Magnetic Base



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GT 2-in-1 Bright LED Flashlight Work Light Combo Includes:

  • 1 - Super Bright LED Flashlight Work Light Combo with Strong Magnetic Base

Focused Beam + Floodlight In One Survival Flashlight 

It's absolutely imperative that you own a super bright flashlight that provides both a focused beam of light AND a floodlight whenever you want. That's because in certain camping and survival situations you'll need a concentrated LED light to shine into tiny areas (such as corners and tight spaces) whereas other camping/survival situations will require you to flood a space with light (i.e. your tent or bug out location). Well, this 2 in 1 flashlight does it all - and because this super bright flashlight is also lightweight, compact, durable and super easy to use, it's the best flashlight to have no matter what situation you find yourself in. Add this awesome prepper gear to your camping supplies, bug out bag and survival kit. This is one of the brightest survival products we've got here in our online survival store - grab it for yourself before SHTF!

To learn more about the GT 2-in-1 Bright LED Flashlight - Emergency Camping Gear click the “Features & Specs” tab above.

GT 2-in-1 Bright LED Flashlight Work Light Combo Features:

  • Incredible Versatility: This 2 in 1 flashlight allows you to toggle between its focused beam and floodlight settings, allowing you to illuminate your surroundings and get your task done easily in any camping/survival situation.
  • Easy To Use: Unlike other camping flashlights, this survival tool is incredibly easy to use! Simply flip the switch to begin using the focused beam. Once you're ready to use the floodlight, simply pull apart the camping flashlight; this will elongate the neck and reveal the super bright LED light. 
  • Built For Survival Situations: This compact flashlight is surprisingly durable thanks to its weatherproof and impact-resistant design, comfort grip, sturdy construction and various light options. Whether you're camping in the great outdoors or bugging out when SHTF, you'll be happy you have this super bright flashlight around!
  • Change A Tire With Ease: If you unexpectedly need to change a tire in the middle of the night, you can use this handy survival flashlight to aid you! Simply stick its magnetic base to the side of your car, open the floodlight, and you'll instantly have the illumination you need to see what you're doing and get back on the road ASAP.
  • Produces Super Bright LED Light: This is the best flashlight to have when it comes to producing bright LED light. This camping flashlight produces up to 250 lumens of bright LED light, and illuminates up to 350 feet away from you. Perfect prepper gear for the great outdoors!
  • Super Lightweight: This compact flashlight only weighs 10.7 oz. and is only 9" long when elongated, making it the best flashlight for bug out bags, survival kits and camping supplies! You'll never be weighed down with this LED flashlight!

    GT 2-in-1 Bright LED Flashlight Work Light Combo Specs:

    • Survival Flashlight Weight: 9.2 oz. (without battery); 10.7 oz. (with batteries)
    • Survival Flashlight Length: 6.75" (closed); 9" (open)
    • Survival Flashlight Output: Up to 250 lumens at up to 350 ft distance
    • Survival Flashlight Base: Magnetic
    • Survival Flashlight Specs: Weatherproof, impact resistant
    • Survival Flashlight Batteries: 4 - AAA Batteries
    • Survival Flashlight Modes: Flashlight, Side Light, Off

    This is one of the best illuminating survival products we've got here in our online survival store! This camping flashlight produces the super bright LED light you need in order to survive in any situation. Whether you're camping in the great outdoors or bugging out once SHTF, you can depend on this durable and compact flashlight to help you get the job done with its focused beam and floodlight settings. This is the ultimate survival tool to store in your camping supplies, survival kit and bug out bag. This is quite possibly the best flashlight to have in any camping or survival situation. Don't wait until SHTF to get yours!

    These compact flashlights are brand new survival products that we've added to our online survival store. Grab this prepper gear now before we run out of stock!

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