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Basic Two Person Bug In Kit

Most of the time, the best course of action during a disaster situation is simply to bug in, or remain inside your home. Your home, assuming it is undamaged, provides the best chance for your survival, mainly because you are already surviving in your home! We’ve prepared a great bug in kit that will allow you to survive just about any disaster by bugging in for up to a week. Click on the items below directly from this sheet, and the link will take you right to our website, where you can order the goods directly. Quantities listed are for two adults, for one week of sustainment.


Before the water supply goes bad, you’ll want to get as much of it as you can, then purify any additional water that you need:

55 Gallon Bulk Water Storage Kit

When you’re looking ahead to the future you know an ample supply of water is necessary for a survival kit.

Royal Berkey Water Filter

When bugging in, you need a serious water filter that’s capable of rendering even highly contaminated water perfectly safe to drink. The Royal Berkey is among the world’s best carbon / ceramic water filters; it’s so thorough it can even strip food coloring from water!


Bugging in means eating at home, and potentially during power failure conditions in which perishable food can, well, perish. You’ll need a good food supply:

Legacy 120 Serving Entree Bucket

Each serving contains one hearty meal that’s simple to make – simply add hot water and eat. 120 servings will last two people thirty days if you eat two per day (excluding breakfast), which is plenty of time for the pandemic to blow over.

First Add

Bugging in means providing for your first aid needs, potentially without the aid of first responders:

''Hip-Pack'' Medical Kit 320-Pieces

Rapid Care’s 234 piece first aid kit will handle the vast majority of injuries sustained during a disaster. This is a quality kit you can rely on.


Information is the first casualty during a bug in disaster. You need to have a method of reliably getting it, potentially through unconventional sources like shortwave radio:

Kaito KA500 Voyager hand Crank Radio

This little wonder is a shortwave radio with built in NOAA weather alert. It never needs batteries, and is powered via solar power or hand crank. Perfect for keeping you up to speed.


Potential loss of power means that you need to have a method of generating light to see around your home:

Super Bright 9 LED Mini Flashlight

These lights provide up to two hours of ultra bright LED lighting with just 60 seconds of hand cranking, and never need batteries – perfect for a power failure.

Power Generation

In the absence of power, you’ll need to generate your own in order to power critically important devices such as cell phones and medical life support devices:

Duracell 1800 Watt Power Pack

The Duracell 1800 watt power pack is the biggest power pack we carry, and is capable of running things like cell phone chargers and other such equipment for days. The best part about this unit is that it can safely be run indoors.


Bugging in means sometimes doing so without the benefit of your home’s heating system. You’ll need to consider measures to keep you warm:

36 Hour Survival Candle

You’ll need five of these. These amazing little three wick candles provide light as well as heat, and can effectively raise the temperature of small spaces to tolerable levels.

Emergency Mylar Sleeping Bag

You’ll need two of these. Mylar sleeping bags are designed to reflect and retain up to 90 percent of your body heat, meaning you’ll stay warm even if it’s freezing cold.

16 Hour Body Warmers

These chemically activated heating pads are great for when you bed down at night; stick one of these inside the mylar sleeping bag above, climb in, and stay toasty warm. You’ll need 14 of these – one per person, per night.