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Luci Original Inflatable Solar Lantern with FREE Paracord Grenade Survival Kit Includes:

  • 2 (+) Luci Original Solar Air Lanterns with 10 LED Lights/Solar Panel & Power Meter
  • 1 (+) 550 Pound Paracord Grenade Survival Kit

#1 Solar Light + FREE Survival Kit ($18 VALUE)

This survival gear duo is perfect for bug out bags, camping gear, backyard picnics, emergency situations and much, much more. People love the Luci solar air lantern because this compact and lightweight solar light uses renewable energy provided by the sun to power 10 super bright LED lights. Using nothing more than puffs of your breath to inflate and solar energy from the sun, this inflatable solar light gives long-lasting, bright LED light for hours on end. 

Included in this survival gear combo pack is a FREE paracord grenade survival kit. These discreet paracord survival tools are incredible and extremely compact. This paracord grenade features 9 feet of versatile 550-pound paracord and is stuffed to the gills with life-saving survival gear...way more than any paracord bracelet could hold. This tiny survival tool gives you peace of mind that you're prepared no matter where you go!

Luci Original Solar Lantern Inflatable Lights Features:

  • Lightweight & Portable: Unlike other solar lights, the Luci solar air lantern only weighs 4.4 oz., making it incredibly lightweight and easy to handle. It also inflates to 4 inches tall but deflates down to only an inch - meaning you can put this inflatable solar light in your bug out bag or survival kit and never feel the weight. Not many other solar lights are that cool and compact!
  • Super Bright: The Luci Original uses 10 incredibly bright LED lights to produce brilliant, room-filling light. Converting solar energy from the sun, the Luci solar light will shine for up to 12 hours on a single charge, making it perfect for both emergency situations and nights out on the patio.
  • Powered by Solar Energy: It's the 21st Century - why buy a light that needs batteries? The Luci solar air lantern ensures you'll never run out of light. Its compact solar panel uses nothing more than the ever-present and renewable energy of the sun. It only takes a few hours to get a full charge and it'll stay charged for 3 whole years. Never worry about this LED solar light letting you down.
  • Completely Waterproof: IP67 rated, this solar light is ready to go rain or shine. Because it's waterproof you never need to worry about ruining this inflatable solar light with an accidental dunk in a lake or by leaving it in the rain. Completely sealed, it can even float when inflated, which makes it great for pools, kid's baths, and more! 
  • Made for Emergencies: With low, high, and emergency flash settings you can count on the Luci Original to help you in an emergency situation. It even comes with a built-in power meter to let you know when it needs a charge. This LED solar light is designed for a crisis. 
  • Extremely Versatile: This amazing LED solar light has two built-in handles (one on top, one on bottom) so you can suspend the light from anywhere. This is the perfect survival tool for indoor and outdoor lighting during emergency situations, camping, and general use.
  • Low Maintenance: The Luci solar air lantern has no wires to attach, no gas to fill, and no batteries to replace for completely hassle-free use. Just use the solar power of the sun and you've got a great piece of survival gear or camping gear.

Luci Original Solar Lantern Inflatable Lights Specs:

  • LED Solar Light Bulb Type: 10 LED lights - (solar lights) 
  • LED Solar Light Brightness: 80 lumens
  • Solar Air Lantern Dimensions: All lanterns are 4 inches tall when inflated, 1 inch when deflated
  • Solar Air Lantern Battery Type: Lithium-ion - Charged 100% via solar power
  • Solar Air Lantern Material: Made of durable, PVC plastic  

Paracord Grenade Survival Kit Features:

  • Insanely Compact: This insanely compact paracord grenade survival kit is so small it can fit in your pocket or hooked onto your keychain/bug out bag.
  • Ridiculously Useful: This survival kit is deceivingly helpful despite its size. It contains 14 life-saving pieces of survival gear, all wrapped up in 9 ft. of 550 lb paracord. Just try to find a paracord bracelet that will hold that many survival tools!
  • Super Lightweight: This paracord survival tool only weighs 3 oz. making it an easy to carry must-have in an emergency situation.

Paracord Grenade Survival Kit Specs:

Unlike paracord bracelets, this paracord survival kit is loaded with survival gear. In addition to the 100+ survival uses paracord offers, every survival tool packed inside could help save your life.

Here's what's inside this survival kit:

  • (1) Sharp Blade: Sharp enough to skin a squirrel, fish, or a small animal to help you stay fed in crisis.
  • (1) Fire Starter: Starts a fire with ease - something most other paracord survival tools could never do on their own. Contains Ferro rod and striking tool.
  • (2) Lengths of Fishing Line: Use the translucent line to help you rustle up a dinner in a flash. 
  • (2) Fishing Hooks: Pre-attached to the fishing line so all the hard work of lining up your hook is already done for you.
  • (2) Fishing Weights: Don't let your hook get tossed about, these weights keep the hook and bait exactly where fish can find them.
  • (2) Bobbers: Incredibly useful when you're attempting to make sure you've got a fish on the hook.
  • (2) Swivels: You want to keep fish on the line, don't you?
  • (1) A piece of Tin Foil: Used to cook dinner or to collect water, or even to be used as a signal mirror.
  • (1) Tinder: Helps you get a fire going in no time.
  • Paracord Grenade Survival Kit Weight: 3 oz.
  • Survival Kit Paracord: 550 lb Paracord

This is the perfect survival gear combo for emergency situations or just a night out under the stars. The LED solar lights will brighten up the dark sky as you use your paracord grenade survival kit to start a fire and rustle up some dinner. Plus, because both survival tools are so compact and lightweight, you can bring them virtually anywhere without ever being weighed down!

Be sure to grab this survival gear duo to add to your camping gear and bug out bag. But don't wait - an emergency situation may be just around the corner!

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