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New Survival Gear

Every day, there seems to be a trending news story that makes prepping sound better and better. Whether it’s the constant rise of prices or the fear of an economic collapse, everywhere you look, there are reasons to be worried. Fortunately, there is also new survival gear available to help your family prepare to survive, even in an emergency situation. Keep your family safe and prepare well with new survival gear that makes preparing for the worst easier than ever. 

New Survival Gear for a Modern-Day Emergency

Having a flashlight, some extra batteries, and a radio on hand is an excellent place to start, but it doesn’t even scratch the surface of what’s needed to survive a disaster. However, it can be hard to know where to begin when gathering the essential prep gear for you and your family. Whether you’re looking for survival kits or individual products for a specific emergency, you can find what you need with Survival Frog.

Survival Kits for Every Emergency

Be fully prepared for a variety of emergency situations with survival kits. Do you live in a hurricane or storm-prone state? The ​​LifeShield® 72 Hour Hurricane Survival Kit by Frog & CO includes survival essentials like food, water, communication devices, and blankets, all stored in a water-proof bag. Do you spend a lot of time traveling in your car? Keep the Basic Car Survival Kit in your vehicle, and you’ll have the food, water, and warmth essentials you need if you get stranded somewhere.

Are you going on an outdoor adventure? There are too many stories about families getting lost on trails or individuals never making it back to their cars after a solo hike. Don’t let that be your story, and pack the LifeShield® Warmth & Outdoor Shelter Kit by Frog & CO with you on your next adventure. Do you want all of the best new survival gear in one? Get the LifeShield® All-In-One Bug Out Bag w/ 6 Survival Kits by Frog & CO, and protect yourself and your family no matter what life throws your way.

New Survival Gear Essentials

Have peace of mind that you have the essential gear you need to contact loved ones, stay warm, or protect yourself during an emergency situation. Our solar survival gear makes it easy to keep your phone charged and watch your surroundings with a solar-powered charger and pop-up lantern. For your safety and the safety of your family, we offer self-defense survival gear that anyone can use, such as our micro scream whistle. Or get a 6-in-1 survival knife to keep in your car or take with you when camping. Prepping comes in all different shapes and sizes, so we offer new survival gear for various situations to be confident you’re prepared for anything.

Preparing Made Easy with New Survival Gear

Our high-quality new survival gear enables you to step up when disaster strikes and take care of your loved ones with ease. We know how important it is to have gear that works when you need it most, so we offer a three-year, full warranty on all your new survival gear. Start prepping today, and feel better tomorrow knowing you’re prepared to survive anything!