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Energy & Radio

Do you know how you’d contact a loved one if the power went out and you couldn’t charge your phone? How would you receive crucial information if the TV could no longer be powered on in an emergency situation? What would happen during a cold, dark night where heat and light were unavailable? These questions can be answered with energy solar radios and devices designed to help you stay connected, warm, and prepared to survive an emergency.

Essential Energy and Radio Devices for an Emergency

When preparing for a disaster, it's essential to think about all the different ways you might need to power devices and appliances. While a backup generator is a good option, it's also worth considering energy solar radios and devices. Solar survival gear can be a valuable addition to your emergency survival kit. 

Devices to Keep Your Electronics Charged 

Solar battery chargers can be used to keep phones and other electronics charged. This is essential in an emergency where you cannot charge your phone using an electrical outlet. The QuadraPro Solar Power Bank with Wireless & Dual USB Charging by Frog & CO is a high-tech solar battery charger with four solar panels that generate 5.5W of electricity from sunlight. This device can charge most cell phones up to three times when fully charged, keeping you connected to loved ones and emergency services.

Devices to Keep the Lights On

Solar lights can provide much-needed illumination during a power outage. And because they rely on the sun for power, they can be used even when traditional forms of energy are unavailable. Whether you’re looking for a handheld lantern or flashlights, you have options for seeing with ease in an emergency. 

Devices to Keep You Warm

Staying warm during a power outage is essential. If you don’t have access to a fireplace or wood burner in your home, you can use solar heating devices. Additionally, energy solar radios can be a crucial source of information in an emergency situation. 

Why Energy Solar Radios?

Having a reliable way to receive updates and information can be a lifesaver in an emergency. Energy solar radios are ideal for this, as they don't require batteries or any other power source. Simply expose the solar panel to sunlight, and the radio will be ready to use. Most importantly, solar radios can provide access to vital information in a crisis. Whether you're trying to stay updated on the latest weather conditions or you need to know where evacuation routes are, a solar radio can help you keep yourself and your family safe and informed.

Stay Connected and Protected with Energy and Radio Devices

At Survival Frog, our mission is to help you and your family prepare, survive, and live through any emergency situation. When disaster strikes, it's essential to have energy and radio devices on hand at all times. Energy and radio devices can help you stay in touch with loved ones, get vital information about an emergency, and even call for help if necessary. Prepare today and shop our lights, electricity sources, heat devices, and energy solar radios!