25+ Survival Uses For Chapstick

25+ Survival Uses For Chapstick

survival uses for chapstickDid you know that there are actually a surprising amount of survival uses for chapstick?!

I was incredibly surprised that this little tube could do so much to help me (and you) survive in a crisis.

However, I’m a big believer in sharing information like this, especially when it could help you save your life.

25+ Survival Uses For Chapstick

1 – Prevent Chapped Lips

Had to get this one out of the way; it’s completely obvious but a reminder to always have a tube of chapstick on you to keep your lips from drying out and becoming cracked.

2 – Prevent Rust

If you don’t want your knives rusting, simply lather chapstick along the blade; this is a great trick for moving with them in the rain!

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3 – A Compact Survival Kit

You can fit tiny survival tools inside of an empty tube of chapstick. Examples of these include: Q-tips, pills, kindling, waterproof matches, fishing materials, etc.

4 – Light A Fire

If you need to light a fire, you can cut a cotton swab in half, and rub the cotton end on top of the chapstick. Then, stick the opposite end into the middle of the chapstick. It may not burn for hours on end, but it’ll certainly give you a portable light if you need one.

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5 – Stop Bleeding

If you’ve got a minor cut, you can rub chapstick on the wound to help prevent dirt from getting into the wound, thereby reducing the chance of disease.

6 – Help You See

If you wear glasses, you can rub a small amount of chapstick on the lenses and polish the glass with a cloth in order to remove smudges and debris. This will also help prevent your glasses from fogging up.

7 – Store Your Cash

If you’ve got an empty tube of chapstick, you’ve got a compact and easy-to-hide storage space for your bills.

8 – Protect Your Skin

Chapstick isn’t just useful for helping prevent chapped lips; you can use it to help fight frostbite by rubbing it over your hands, feet, and other exposed skin.

Now I know eight items seems HARDLY enough to cover all the incredible survival uses of this compact survival tool, so here’s a video of 25 SHTF uses for Chapstick. Enjoy!

Well there you have it – 25+ survival uses for chapstick. Obviously, this is an incredibly survival tool that should immediately go in your bug out bag.

My only beef with this awesome survival tool is how expensive they can be. Especially if you want one of the better quality tubes, these can run you a pretty penny if you need them in bulk.


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