Why the Marine Skivvy Roll Is the Ultimate Survival Hack

skivvy roll how-toThe Marine skivvy roll pack is the perfect way to travel efficiently while making sure you have all your essential clothing items.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, the skivvy roll is a method for packing a shirt, underwear, and a pair of socks into a compact, pill-shaped bundle.

Finding ways to use space efficiently is a must when packing. This can save you time and money when traveling and can even help you survive when SHTF.

After all, even the best bug out bag in the world is useless if you can’t find what you need when you need it.

Why the Marine Skivvy Roll Is the Ultimate Survival Hack

Traditionally, people pack clothes by folding them flat, but this method of packing can quickly become disorganized.

With the skivvy roll, you can easy grab a fresh set of clothes without having to rummage around in your luggage to find individual items.

Best of all, you can prepare your own roll pack in mere seconds! Check out the steps below to learn how.

Note: The skivvy roll is a great addition to your BOB, but there are some items you should never include in your survival pack. Discover what NOT to put in your bug out bag by reading this blog post.

Step 1: Place Underwear on Shirt

skivvy roll how-to - Step 1: Place Underwear on Shirt

First, you’re going to grab the shirt you want to use and lay it down flat.

Then take a pair of underwear, fold it in half, and place it right underneath the collar of the shirt.

Step 2: Fold Shirt

skivvy roll how-to - Step 2: Fold Shirt

Next, fold the shirt at the shoulders so that the underwear is no longer visible.

Step 3: Place Socks on Folded Shirt

Step 3: Place Socks on Folded Shirt

Now you want to arrange your socks on top of the shirt, with the open ends facing right and left.

Step 4: Roll Up Pack

Step 4: Roll Up Pack

Tightly roll the entire shirt over the socks. Begin at the neck and work down.

Step 5: Slide Socks Over Roll

Step 5: Slide Socks Over Roll

Finally, invert both of the socks over the shirt to create your own little clothing pill.

And you’re done. Watch the video below to see all the steps in action.

Bonus Tip: Pack a Survival Tool Inside

If you want to make the skivvy roll even more useful, simply put one or more survival tools inside before rolling the whole thing up.

This will keep your items protected and is perfect for smaller items like a pocket compass or a pack of matches.

matches keychain compass

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