How to Keep a Low Profile When SHTF

How to Keep a Low Profile When SHTF

There’s going to be mass chaos when SHTF. People are going to be desperate, and they’ll go to any extreme to save themselves…even if that means attacking you or your loved ones.

Even people who were friendly and honest during civilized life won’t hesitate to turn on you if it means they’ll survive.

If you are one of the few people who are prepared for a crisis, defending yourself against those who are unprepared is going to be nearly impossible. The smarter strategy is to avoid unwanted attention altogether so you won’t be targeted in the first place.

Here are some tips on how to keep a low profile when SHTF.

Avoid Using Light Sources at Night

There probably won’t be any power when SHTF.

It’s pretty suspicious when one house has lights on while all the other houses are pitch black. That’s an obvious sign to every passerby that you have a generator or another alternative light source.

This signals to your entire neighborhood that you were prepared for something like this and that you have useful stuff.

If you think desperate people with barely any resources of their own are just going to leave you alone, think again. You can expect a horde of people to break down your door in no time.

That’s why you need to think carefully about how you use your resources. Keep your lights off at night and don’t make too much noise.

You need to blend in and make sure your house is dark and quiet just like everyone else’s.

Don’t Wear Tactical Gear in Public

What will most people be wearing when SHTF? Mostly normal looking clothes to begin with, which will gradually get more worn out as time goes on.

If you’re going out in camouflage, a big backpack, and tactical pants with lots of cargo pockets, then you’re going to stick out like a sore thumb.

If you dress in tactical gear while everyone else is in plain clothes, you’re saying, “Look at me! I have all the stuff you need!”

You can still use these things, but you have to be more careful about it. When you’re out in public, make sure your backpack looks mostly empty instead of full so it looks like your supplies are scarce.

Not all tactical pants are camouflaged and have lots of cargo pockets. You can get tactical pants that look just like regular pants but are still much more durable and protective.

Act Like Everyone Else…Scared and Helpless

It’s not just your appearance that needs to match everyone else’s…it’s your behavior too.

When SHTF, most people aren’t going to know what to do. They’ll wander around in disbelief, completely helpless. They’ll be lost and confused. You need to imitate that behavior as well as you can.

If you look like you know what you’re doing and move with a purpose, people are going to notice that.

Someone might even follow you to spy on you to see what you’re up to. They’ll see where you keep your gear, your hiding places, and they’ll even know where you and your family live.

Keep Your Gear Out of Sight

Don’t keep anything useful outside or visible to anyone. If someone sees your gear, they’ll start thinking of ways to steal it from you.

Keep everything in your house or in you shed. Of course, keep your shed padlocked. If you’re a serious prepper, you’ll also have a camera security system in place for the entire exterior of your house. If you have to move things around, do it at night when you’ll be harder to see.

This tip isn’t just for when SHTF. It applies right now.

If people know you’re a prepper, that could mean trouble for you when SHTF. People will remember how you showed them all that stuff you got and how you were talking about being prepared.

Other than your immediate family, it’s best to avoid telling friends, coworkers, or neighbors about this stuff unless you’re sure you can trust them. If not, they could break down your door later on or steal your gear out from under you.

It might even be a government organization that steals your stuff.

Don’t Cook Strong Smelling Food

Smell is another thing that could make you a target. Nothing is more enticing than the smell of a hot fresh meal to a starving crowd.

The best option is to simply not cook food that has a strong scent. I know those hamburgers and steaks make your mouth water, but they’re too dangerous to make.

The good news is that most prepper food meant for long-term storage doesn’t have much of a smell at all.

This food usually comes in cans or airtight packages that only require the addition of water. The lack of a cooking time means there won’t be much of a smell. Here’s my favorite brand of survival food.

If you want to be extra safe, only prepare food in the middle of the night when most people are probably sleeping. Keep all doors and windows shut so no smell escapes.

Do you have any other tips for keeping a low profile when SHTF? Share your advice with your fellow preppers in the comments section below. We love to hear from you!

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