How To Get Water From A Tree

How To Get Water From A Tree

how to get water

Most preppers have learned how to get water in a survival situation. This plan often involves collecting it from a nearby stream or lake, and then boiling it to make it drinkable.

Now don’t get me wrong – that’s a fantastic way to get water. And it’s quite effective.

However, what if I told you it was possible to collect water straight out of a tree?

I mean, if you’re stranded in a forest somewhere with no body of water in sight, these tips could really help you to stay hydrated in a survival situation.

Note: These tips will NOT help you if the tree is poisonous. Make sure it isn’t before attempting.

I know getting water from a tree may sound far-fetched, but it’s true – and I’m about to teach you two different ways to do this in my blog on….

Ways To Get Water From A Tree

1 – Collect The Condensation

This is a great trick that is best used in the spring and summer months due to the large amount of sunshine and heat.

First, you’ll need a plastic bag.

You’ll also need some rope or paracord.

Note: If you’re low on either, we’ve got some here:

Polyethylene Rope

100′ X 1/4” Polyethylene Rope

Black Paracord

Black Paracord 100′ 7 Strand 550 Lbs Rated

Now find a low hanging tree branch. Make sure to choose one with lots of leaves covering it.

Open the bag and push the end of the leafy branch inside (be careful not to let it rip!).

Tie the bag tightly shut around the branch.

Now wait.

As the sun beats down on the bag, it’ll cause the tree to condensate water, which will then drop into the bag. The hotter it is and the more sun beats down on it, the more water you’ll accumulate.

Watch this video to see it happen:

2 – Tap A Tree

As you’re about to see in the video below, you can actually tap a tree to get delicious, nutrient-filled water.

This method works best in the early spring and late winter months, and works particularly well on maple and birch trees.

All you need is a large knife and a canteen to get water flowing in no time.

Note: We’ve got a BPA-free and virtually indestructible water bottle you can use for this here.

Note: We’ve also got a super strong folding and locking knife that’s up for this task – see it here

water bottleknife

Here’s a video of this awesome technique in action:

Well there you have it – how to get water from a tree. Pretty cool, right?

I love watching videos like this and learning new techniques on how to survive.

However, it does also remind me that, until that day comes when SHTF and I need to tap a tree, I best be prepared with plenty of water stored away in my bug out bag and in my long-term storage pantry.

Which brings me to this thought: most preppers think they can just fill up water from their tap into a barrel, and think this water will still be fine in the next 5 years.

They don’t know that the water needs to be treated in order to be stored for long periods of time – otherwise it gets contaminated with pathogens and bacteria.

Many preppers also think they can just pour chlorine bleach into their water and expect it to be safe to drink…wrong!

It takes a very special type of water treatment to store water for a long time (we’re talking years) while still keeping it safe.

In fact, you might be storing water all wrong and not even know it! Read our blog on Home Water Storage to see if that’s true.

It’s my goal to spread this knowledge to as many preppers as possible so that they’re prepared when SHTF.


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