6 “Prepper Hacks” That Will Save The Day

6 “Prepper Hacks” That Will Save The Day

Sometimes little things can make a big difference, especially when times are tough. You may have heard the term “life hack” before, but these “Prepper Hacks” might actually save your life someday! Here are six that might make the apocalypse a little easier on you…

Open a can without an opener

Don’t you hate it when you have a nice can of pork and beans you want to have for supper, but you broke off your knife blade in the last zombie you killed? Here is a little trick for opening a can without any tools.

If you are in town, find a nice concrete sidewalk, then turn the can upside down and rub it briskly on the concrete. This will act like sandpaper and wear away the rim of the can, allowing you to take the top off. If you are in the wilderness, a rough rock will serve the same purpose, but it might take a little more time to get the whole rim worn through.

Junk food fire starter

Most corn chips and cheese puffs are toasted grain with a lot of oil. When you light them, they burn vigorously. Corn chips will get a stubborn fire going quickly.

Pop can fire starter

I personally have not done this one, but have seen it on YouTube, so it has to be true. Right?

All you need is a soda can, toothpaste and a soft cloth. You use the toothpaste as polish to make the bottom of the can into a very shiny parabolic mirror that will ignite tinder with sunlight.

Tuna can stove

Good ol’ Boy Scout hack here. You will need a clean, empty tuna can, some corrugated cardboard, and wax or paraffin.

Cut the cardboard into strips that will fit in the tuna can standing on edge. Then, coil as many of them up in the can that you can fit in there. When that is done, fill the rest of the can with melted wax. It works best if you heat the whole can up afterward so the wax can soak into the cardboard thoroughly.

To use, just light the cardboard like a wick. The whole top will soon catch and you will have a nice flame for a couple of hours.

Garbage bag poncho

Garbage bags are a great item for preppers. They can be split along the edges and used for plastic sheeting, or in this hack you can tear a hole in each corner and one in the center of the bottom seam and you have a quick, cheap and easy rain poncho.

Fix a leaky radiator

Whether you are fleeing a zombie horde or fighting Russian paratroopers, a hole in your radiator will definitely slow you down. An easy fix is to break a raw egg (no shell) into the radiator. The hot coolant will cook it and will try to force it out of the hole which will plug it up for a time and allow you to escape your pursuers.

Hacks are all about fun, creative and easy ways of doing things. I hope these help you out some day.

Published on by David Adams.

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