Wise Company 600 Serving Meat Buckets


No need to lug #10 Cans around and be forced to consume large amounts of food in a very quick fashion once opened. Wise Freeze Dried Meats come packaged in Lightweight Reflective Polyester Film pouches and are stored in a grab and go plastic container. Just add hot water and within minutes you can enjoy fresh, real, seasoned meats. All packaged in 10 stackable buckets

Servings included in this package:
Roasted Chicken (120 Servings)
Southwest Style Chicken (120 servings)
Stroganoff Beef (80 Servings)
Cheesy Ground Beef (80 Servings)
Teriyaki Style Chicken (80 Servings)
Savory Roasted Ground Beef (120 Servings)
Long-Term Instant Rice (200 Servings)

**These products contain 100% real meat**

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