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A Buyer's Club Designed With You In Mind

Join Today - Get a FREE
$20 Solar Air Lantern!

So Much More Than Just Coupons For Survival Gear

The Survival Frog Buyer’s Club is as exclusive as it gets. Being a member means you’re entitled to VIP savings, valuable coupons, ultra-special offers sent just to you as well as privileged access to the best survival gear in the world. No other survival or camping store has a club like this!

Plus you’ll get the white glove treatment none of our other customers get. Seriously, the membership is that exclusive. This is the best way to get completely prepared while saving HUGE in the process!

Get WAY More Than Coupons & Savings…Get Treated Like Royalty!

There’s no disputing it, the value you receive as a member far exceeds the low monthly cost. You’re going to love these royal benefits:

  • - Save 15% on Every Single Purchase You Make!

  • - Watch Your Order Jump To The Front Of The Line For Shipping and Processing!

  • - NEVER PAY For Shipping Again! Never, Ever!

  • - Access to Exclusive Promotions, Offers & Discounts Other Customers Will Never See

  • - A Guaranteed Refund If You Don’t Save More Than Your Membership Dues*

  • - Additional Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Coupon Savings

And Much, Much More!

Here’s more proof Buyer's Club members get treated like Kings and Queens.

For Buyer’s Club Members Only! A FREE Solar Air Lantern!!!

When you join you’ll receive one of our top-selling survival products “The Solar Air Lantern.” Normally $20 it's yours FREE when you become a VIP member.

Charged by the sun the lantern is ultra-compact (stores easily at only 1" tall when deflated), waterproof, shatterproof and bright enough to light up a room for 12 hours on a single charge.

Everyone loves the Solar Air Lantern, and you will too! Especially when it’s yours at absolutely no cost.

Start Saving Today – Your Three Easy Payment Options:

Cancel Anytime, See Terms Below:

  • - $9.99 for 1 month, cancel anytime

  • - $26.99 for 3 months (10% Savings), cancel anytime

  • - $98.99 for 12 months (20% Savings), cancel anytime

VIP Free Solar Air Lantern Cube Survival Frog VIP Features

Common Questions

Why Isn't The 15% Discount Applied On This Order?

Your 15% discount doesn't apply until after you have joined the Buyer's Club.

The good news is saving on survival gear today is super easy. Just add the Buyer's Club to your cart and complete your checkout. Then, check your email where your login details will be waiting. Your 15% discount code will be ready to use right away. Simple as that.

When are membership fees rebilled?

Depending on which payment plan you choose, your Buyer's Club Membership will rebill the credit card on file on a predetermined cycle. We have three payment options; Monthly, Each 3 Months, or Each 12 Months. Although the fees rebill automatically, you are able to cancel your membership at anytime and your discounts and benefits will continue until the end of your billing cycle. Call or email us anytime for a no-hassle, easy cancel:

Survival Frog LLC
Telephone: (800) 773-7737
4155 E. Jewell St.
Suite 900
Denver, CO 80222

Is the 15% discount available on all products?

Yes, all products we sell on www.SurvivalFrog.com can be purchased with the 15% discount and free shipping, including special sales and discounted items. Offers seen on deals.SurvivalFrog.com are eligible for the discount, but not free shipping (contact support for help purchasing with discount). One last thing… from time to time we may show you affiliate offers by other companies, but discounts do not apply to third party companies.

*Guaranteed Savings!

You will save money, or we'll make it right.

If after 6 months you haven't saved more money than your membership dues, we will credit you the difference. To calculate this we add up your 15% discount savings over 6 months and if that amount isn't more than what you paid in membership dues, we will issue a store credit for the difference. You are guaranteed to save with our VIP Buyer's Club!

TERMS: You Can Cancel Anytime

We make it easy to save, but we also make it easy to cancel.

At anytime, use our contact information below to cancel your membership. No questions asked and no hassles, just call or email us. The FREE Solar Air Lantern is yours to keep.

Call or email us anytime:

Survival Frog LLC
Telephone: (800) 773-7737
4155 E. Jewell St.
Suite 900
Denver, CO 80222

Here is our Membership Agreement You'll Agree To After You Click Add to Cart:

Membership Agreement

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