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All-Natural Canned Turkey by Survival Cave - 12 Can Box (28 oz.)



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All-Natural Canned Turkey by Survival Cave - 12 Can Box (28 oz.) Includes:

  • 12 Cans Of 28 oz. Tasty Canned Turkey - "The Best Survival Food" (9 servings per can)

Delicious Farm-Raised Turkey For Long-Term Food Storage

Most people imagine crisis survival as a miserable existence eating saltines and gruel. Truth is, you can survive a crisis in style and enjoy your favorite survival food all day long; including juicy turkey breast. Our Survival Cave Canned Turkey is the best emergency food because it's a survival food that tastes exactly like your favorite holiday meal. You'll love our Survival Cave Canned Turkey because adding it to your food supply means you'll have a long-lasting, great-tasting emergency food to enjoy when things get bad.

Not only does this survival food taste great, it's one of the best emergency foods for long-term food storage. Unlike freeze-dried food, this moist turkey has no expiration date. Another great reason our delightfully delicious survival food is great for a preppers list is each can contains just two ingredients: turkey and salt. No artificial ingredients, chemicals, or preservatives. Hardly any other survival food is this pure, this delectable and this long-lasting!

Want Some Awesome Free Stuff With Your Survival Cave Turkey? Keep Reading!

Survival Frog is offering YOU an incredible deal!  For a limited time, when you purchase two 28 oz. 12-can boxes of our Survival Cave canned meat, you'll receive a FREE 1-Person Mess Kit! Our 1-person mess kit is the perfect gift for the solo traveler on-the-go. The mess kit includes: a spork survival tool (7 survival tools in one handy utensil!), a Survival Frog pocket stove with smokeless fuel tablets, a set of waterproof matches, and a P-38 can opener. It even comes with a strong and durable Survival Frog orange rescue bag to transport your survival tools!

If that isn't enough, we're offering you something else...when you purchase three or more 28 oz. 12-can boxes of our Survival Cave canned meat, you'll receive a FREE 2-Person Mess Kit! This 2-person mess kit is ideal for partners traveling together. Contents include: two Survival Frog pocket stoves with smokeless fuel tablets, 12 additional fuel tablets, an 11-in-1 wallet tool, two spork survival tools, a P-38 can opener, AND a set of waterproof matches. Carry these survival tools in the included Survival Frog rescue bag for easy transport!

This incredible offer is only around for a little while longer...get your Survival Cave canned meat and FREE mess kit now while you still can! 

To learn more about the All-Natural Canned Turkey by Survival Cave - 12 Can Box (28 oz.) click the “Features & Specs” tab above.

All-Natural Canned Turkey by Survival Cave - 12 Can Box (28 oz.) Features:

  • Tastes Amazing: Everyone who tastes this canned survival food is stunned at its sensational taste. As authorities on survival food, we always say the best survival food is the food you love. Because Survival Cave Canned Meats is dedicated to delivering great flavor, we promise it will not disappoint. You'll love how it tastes - we guarantee it!

  • Stores Forever: There aren't many long-term food storage options out there whose products feature no expiration date. Survival Cave Canned Turkey does, and that makes it the perfect emergency food for your long-term food supply. The manufacturers say it'll be just as enjoyable 25 years from now as it will be the day you receive it. That'll give you peace of mind that the money spent on these emergency rations was 100% Worth It!

  • 100% Pure: Two ingredients - that's all you'll find in our Survival Cave Canned Meat. Just a touch of salt and pure, unadulterated turkey. Seriously, nothing else has been added. No water, no additives, no preservatives, NOTHING else. This gives you the confidence the survival food you're enjoying is as good for your body as it is for your soul. 

  • Super Nutritious: Each 28 oz. can has approximately 9 servings, each more delicious than the last. Here's the nutritional info: 
    • Canned Turkey: Cal. per serv. 110 (Fat 3.5g, Carbs 0g, Prot. 21g)
  • Ultra Convenient: Most emergency foods require a little bit of work to enjoy. Not this survival food! Just pop the top and you're good to go. Of course, you can add this wonderfully appetizing meat to other foods in your food supply. Add it to your other survival food for added flavor and nutrition and we promise you won't regret it.

  • Comes With A GREAT Deal: For a limited time, when you purchase two 28 oz. 12-can boxes of Survival Cave canned meat, you'll get a FREE 1-Person Mess Kit! And, when you purchase three or more 28 oz. 12-can boxes, you'll get a FREE 2-Person Mess Kit! You can't get much better than this outstanding survival food combo!

All-Natural Canned Turkey by Survival Cave - 12 Can Box (28 oz.) Specs:

  • Survival Cave Canned Turkey Box Count: 12 Cans
  • Survival Cave Canned Turkey Individual Can Weight: 28 oz.
At the end of the day our Survival Cave Canned Meat selections are an incredible resource for anyone storing food and wanting to stay safe and protected in a crisis. This survival food is worth every single penny. Remember: it tastes great, lasts a long, long time, is easy to eat and is as pure as it gets.

And, when combined with our incredible FREE mess kits, you'll get an outstanding duo that makes cooking survival food easy and convenient! Get your Survival Cave canned meat boxes while you still can, and enjoy your FREE mess kits on your next adventure!

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