Stores Water In Your Backpack While Keeping Your Gear Dry

Here's a new piece of gear that outdoorsmen are raving about. It allows them to stay outside for longer without worrying they’ll have to cut the trip short due to lack of water.

The Survival Frog Water Bladder is a 2-liter soft-shell water container that you store in your backpack.  Whenever you get thirsty, just pull out the straw and enjoy a swig of refreshing water. It has a soft-shell lining, so it can easily fit in your backpack, and you can quickly fill it up with the wide-mouth opening. The bladder's lining is BPA free, so it won't leech dangerous chemicals into your water like similar products do. If you have a Sawyer Mini Water Filter, the Hydration Bladder helps get the most out of it and makes it easier to use by hooking up directly on the Bladder.

Survival Frog Hydration Bladder Features:

  • Bring Water on the Go: Satisfies your thirst on the trail. Just grab the straw and take a drink for instant relief. 
  • Fits in Your Backpack: The water bladder is shaped to fit into most backpacks. Plus, the soft walls of the bladder mean you can squeeze it into your backpack even if it's already crowded.
  • Stay Outside Longer: Go farther and hike longer knowing you have instant access to drinking water. Never cut your trips short again out of concern for water.
  • Sawyer Mini Compatible: The Survival Frog Hydration Bladder is fully compatible with the Sawyer Mini Water Filter. Hook the Sawyer Mini onto the bladder's drinking tube so you can drink with it in a backpack. It also turns the Sawyer Mini into an easy to use gravity filter.
  • BPA Free: The water bladder is totally safe to drink from. The BPA free material won't leech harmful chemicals into your water like similar products.
  • Easy Filling: You can fill the bladder up quickly with its wide-mouth opening.
  • Keeps Your Gear Dry: The durable material used for the walls of the water bladder ensure it will never leak and damage the other gear in your pack.

Survival Frog Hydration Bladder Specs:

  • Capacity: 2 Liters
  • Weight: 6.2 oz.
  • Length: 15 in.
  • Width: 6.75 in.
  • Hose Length: 3.5 ft.
  • Material: BPA Free EVA Plastic
  • Color: Army Green

If you'd like longer, more enjoyable outdoor trips, don’t leave home without the Survival Frog Hydration Bladder.

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