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Protects Credit And Debit Cards From Digital Pickpockets

Peace of Mind Your Personal Info Is Safe From Identity Theft

Just because you've been shipped a new credit or debit card doesn't mean your valuable information is 100% safe. It isn't. Because your card still has a magnetic strip thieves can still use pocket-sized computers to pickpocket your valuable info...even if your card never leaves your wallet or purse. The reason you'll love the Safe Wallet Shield is because its advanced technology helps stop them in their tracks. These tiny, lightweight sleeves use a special alloy to block thieves attempts to steal your info helping give you peace of mind your info remains protected. Used by federal agents and other people who understand this threat they're perfect protection in an imperfect world.


  • Approved for Government Use: This technology is what spies, and top government officials will use to ensure their info isn’t hacked by the enemy. Meaning your data’s just as secure as theirs.
  • Uses Advanced Technology: These cards have been constructed out of space age alloys that neutralize signals sent to devour your personal information.
  • Long-Lasting: The Safe Wallet Shield has been made to last. Feel comfortable pulling them in and out of a purse without the worry they’ll fall apart on you. Designed to last for years on end for long-lasting peace of mind. 
  • Lightweight and Compact: Each sleeve weighs .5 oz. You’ll never notice you’re carrying it with you. Additionally they’re perfectly sized to hold all standard-size credit cards, debit cards and IDs for the ultimate in protection.
  • U.S. Made: Each sleeve was designed and built in the U.S. Your purchase helps support a hard working U.S. business.

In a day and age where you don’t know who to trust, do yourself a favor, make keeping your personal data protected easy, get the Safe Wallet Shield today. 

Don’t worry about the potential aftermath of having your personal information stolen. 

Protect the Safe Wallet Shield today.

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