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Advanced Virus Protection at a Great Price

Without proper protection, virulent influenza strains can kill in hours. And as the global community presses in closer and closer we are increasingly exposed to dangerous viral strains that can kill without notice. The easiest way to get infected is by inhaling these infectious viruses…Ebola, Swine Flu, H1N1, no matter the kind or the type, you’re at risk. The N99 ViraMask helps keep you safe from airborne contaminants as it helps filter 100 times better than typical N95 masks. With a few of these in a bug out bag or survival kit you can breathe easier knowing you're helping protect yourself from a very real, and present danger.


  • Custom Fit: Because the N99 ViraMask retains a custom seal (ViraSeal) it's better able to keep potentially invasive viruses at bay. With an adhesive seal, you don't have to worry about the N99 detaching from your face like traditional masks with straps. First time fit means no pre-fit testing needed.
  • Advanced Filtration Technology: The ViraMask with ViraSeal uses a superior certified N99 filter. The N99 filter means it's able to filter 100 times better than a conventional N95 mask. Giving you the best protection for the price. At 85 L/min allows fewer than 0.05% particles through. The Viral and Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (also known as VFE/BFE) > than 99.95%.
  • Secure and Comfortable: Not only does the mask use ViraSeal, it also doesn't get hot and sweaty like other masks thanks to built in evaporation cooling technology. This will help keep you comfortable when you're forced to wear the mask for hours on end. Won’t irritate skin owing to its hypoallergenic design. Super strong adhesive is safe and comfortable. 
  • Long Lasting Design: Each mask will last up to 8 hours so you can flee an epidemic site safely. 
  • Flame Retardant: Won't catch on fire in an instant. Class I – Flammability Meets No Flame Spread standards FDA 16 CFR Part 1610. 

Other Details:

    Please Note: ViraMask purchases are non-returnable/non-refundable due to potential health and contamination reasons.

    With the likelihood of a bio-terror threat growing it would be wise to get these now. Don't wait!

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    DISCLAIMER: ViraMask is not a medical product but an emergency respirator mask. It will not treat, cure, prevent or mitigate a human disease once infection occurs by inhaling airborne particles. It can however, significantly reduce the concentration of airborne germ sized submicron particles and other contaminants including smoke and mold spores and so lower the risk of critical inhalation. The ViraMask is meant for emergency air filtration. Use once, 8 hours maximum, and exercise care in removal. Not for use by the elderly, infirmed or children under 4 without a doctor's advice. Do not reuse. NMCL is not responsible for mishandling or misuse of ViraMask. Check with your doctor if you have any respiratory conditions. NMCL can make no warranties or representations, either expressed or implied, that these products will fully protect the user from exposure to blood or body fluids or contacting infectious disease.

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