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Fast-Acting Relief From Painful Bites and Stings

You know how annoying and painful bug bites and stings can be. The non-stop itching and soreness is enough to ruin your day...but Mountain Mike's Stops the Sting™ gives you fast-acting relief.

Stops the Sting™ is a fast-acting all-natural formula that relieves painful and itchy bites and stings. Just spread some of the cream over the affected area and be amazed by how quickly it works.

It's effective against mild bites such as from mosquitos all the way to more extreme cases such as from scorpions and jellyfish. Stops the Sting™ has even been proven to work on live television twice on Good Morning America.


  • Stops Pain, Itching & Swelling from Stings: Stops the Sting™ is a fast-acting all-natural formula that quickly stops the discomfort caused by bites and stings. Stops the Sting™ relieves even the most painful bites and stings in the world.
  • Effective Against Many Types of Stings: Fire ants, bees, mosquitos, wasps, hornets, chiggers, jellyfish, scorpions, and much more!
  • Great for Camping & Hiking Trips: Going hiking or camping in the woods? There are all sorts of biting, stinging insects there, and you'll be glad you have Stops the Sting™ to give you the relief you need.
  • All-Natural: Stops the Sting™ is made of all-natural ingredients that are safe and gentle on your skin. 
  • Featured Twice on Good Morning America: Stops the Sting™ has been featured on Good Morning America twice and has been proven to work on live television. 
  • Made in the USA: Mountain Mike's is a small business that manufactures their products in the USA which helps our economy. Show your support by buying American!


  • Active Ingredients: Colloidal Oatmeal and Kaolin Clay
  • Size: 3 oz.

Stop suffering from the pain and irritation of bites and stings. Buy Stops the Sting™ today and get the relief you need!

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