$ 29.97

Need easy to make emergency food?

Want it to taste good too?

And if you buy emergency food, don't you want it to be supremely nutritious too?

Imagine hearty chunks of beef from cows off a mid-western farm mixed in with garden veggies like sun-ripened peas, winter grown carrots, juicy farm-grown corn and chunks of golden potato and you have a perfect meal. Perfect because it's got an awesome blend of proteins, fibers, fat, and carbs.

Plus the Mountain House vegetable Stew with beef also has some pretty other awesome things to be said about.

Every meal is:

  • Super Convenient: Packed inside of the resealable, stackable, lightweight #10 cans, your food is easily stored, for instant use.

  • Highly Nutritious: Serving Size 1 Cup, Servings Per Container 9,  Calories Per Serving 200 (Fat 7g, Carbs 25g, Fiber 3g, Protein 10g).

  • Long Lasting: With a 30-year shelf life, you can depend on Mountain House food being there when you need it. Even after opening the food will last an entire year.

  • Tasty: You will absolutely love the taste of Mountain House food, its rich taste will leave you beyond satisfied.

  • Affordable: Some of the lowest prices for survival food are found in the Mountain House Instant Packs.

At the end of the day this meal is something everyone looking to prepare for an emergency should have.

Consider getting a few cans, one for the car, one for you survival kit and then several for you long-term food storage.

The truth is you never known when disaster will hit, and if it does, you can guarantee your life will change.

Don’t get caught off-guard, get this meal today.

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