$ 259.97

The truth is not all water filters are created equal.

Some are literally built to last for just a short time and then they’re either obsolete or in need of replacement parts.

The Katadyn Combi Microfilter is one of the most advanced, longest lasting, most powerful filters you can buy. This filter is perfect for either camping or backpacking as well as ideal perfect for survival use. 

Many top survival experts use the Combi in their bug-out-bags… which means you should too.

Take a look at what makes the Combi shine:

  • Uses State of the Art Technology: The silver impregnated ceramic element and refillable, activated carbon cartridge are industry leaders in helping to reduce the presence of water borne pathogens. This helps keep you and your loved ones safe.

  • Made to Last: The silver impregnated ceramic element is made to filter up to 13,000 gallons of water, which means this filter will keep going for years on end.

  • Crazy Durable: The heavy-duty plastic housing is made to take the abuse of being in the great outdoors. It’s been made to work just as hard as you do.

  • Adaptable For Many Uses: This unit can even be hooked up to standard water sources (like home and RV water) so you can effectively clean just about any water source.

  • Ultra Convenient: There’s no sharp learning curve needed to get this thing working. Just put the long hose in water, hook it to your bottle, pump, and go.

  • Easy to Clean: Just remove the ceramic filter, scrub it with a Scotchbrite pad, and it’ll be ready to keep going, no need to spend a lot of time cleaning your filter. The carbon filter can also be rejuvenated with new active charcoal (which helps to reduce odor and weird tastes).

  • Portable: At 21 oz. and 12” x 2.4” it will fit into most any sized bug-out-bag without adding much bulk at all, helping to keep you from fatiguing under the weight.

The Katadyn Combi is the real deal.

It’s one of the best solutions for extended use in the great outdoors which makes it equally suitable as a long-term water solution. If you don’t already have a filter, or water storage, then seriously consider getting this filter as it’ll help you a ton in a survival situation.

It comes with a pre-filter, storage bag, bottle connector along with an instruction manual.

It might be a bit on the pricier end, but when you consider how powerful it is and how long it will last, it’s worth every penny.

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