Steel Pulley Set With 65 Feet of Rope Included

The Heavy-Duty Pulley Hoist includes two chromed steel pulleys and 65 feet of durable rope. Pulleys make it easier to lift and pull heavy objects, so you should use one to move things like logs or keep food reserves suspended in the air out of reach of bears. It holds a maximum weight of 440 pounds.


  • 2 - Pulleys
  • 65 feet of 1/4" polypropylene rope

Heavy-Duty Pulley Hoist Features:

  • Heavy Duty: These durable pulleys are made of chromed steel with nylon rollers.
  • Holds 440 Pounds: Can hold a maximum weight of 440 pounds.
  • Rope Included: Pulleys come included with 65 feet of 1/4" thick polypropylene rope.

Heavy-Duty Pulley Hoist Specs:

  • Maximum Weight: 440 lbs.
  • Materials: Chromed steel pulleys with nylon rollers
  • Rope Thickness: 1/4" inch

Pulleys are a must to move heavy objects. Order your Heavy-Duty Pulleys today!

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