Should you ever encounter a crisis situation in the winter months you’re going to need something to help keep you warm.

Fire helps, and so do dry clothes.

But what do you do when you can’t come up with either?

The answer? Cover yourself with a warm, super insulating blanket. Now keep in mind not any blanket will do, you need one that’s made of the material that will keep you warm even when wet.

One of the best materials to accomplish this task is wool. It’s naturally insulating, stays warm when wet, and dries quickly. That’s why it’s been used for thousands of years and continues to be used by top survivalists even to this day.

Their wool blanket is 60% wool, the other 40% of the blanket is synthetic. This blanket is fire resistant, dries quickly, and is a superior insulating material compared to other synthetic blankets.

It’s made to be quite generous in size as it stretches out to 62” x 80”, making it perfect for one or two people, depending on your needs.

This is perfect to have in the back of your car, thrown in the bottom of a survival kit, or even used for activities like moving or camping.

This Disaster Relief Wool Blanket will last forever so it’s definitely a sound investment for anyone who wants to stay warm.

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