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Our NEW Survival Pack PLUS combines the most innovative and comprehensive set of survival products on the market. Not only does it include incredible survivalist gear like a pocket stove (for cooking delicious, nutritious survival food) and weatherproof matches (to start a fire or light your pocket stove), but it even comes with an emergency bivvy (the best survival sleeping bag ever!) AND a mini survival flashlight (perfect for lighting up your campsite or bug out location!). Each of these survival supplies are extremely compact and lightweight, making them a breeze to carry in your bug out bag, survival kit or camping supplies. Plus, the nice thing is this prepper gear makes for the BEST survival stocking stuffers, seeing as you can get this entire survival pack for WAY CHEAPER than you could by buying each of these survival products by themselves! Grab these survival stocking stuffers from our online survival store today to make the prepper in your life jump with delight this holiday season. But don't wait - preppers like you are preparing for SHTF and snatching these up right and left!

Essential Survival Gear Pack PLUS by Survival Frog Features:

  • Incredibly Comprehensive: There's no matching this survival pack when it comes to being able to fend for yourself if SHTF. Each of these survival tools is fully capable of saving your life; for example, the weatherproof matches will help you easily start a fire in any weather condition, the pocket stove will help you boil water and cook delicious survival food, the emergency bivvy will provide you an excellent survival sleeping bag during cold nights, and the mini survival flashlight will allow you to see out across your campsite or bug out location - even in the dead of night.
  • Insanely Compact: The beauty of this survival pack is that each of the survival supplies inside is super lightweight and compact, allowing you to easily fit them into your bug out bag, survival kit or camping supplies with no problem whatsoever. 
  • Best Survival Stocking Stuffers EVER: I truly can't believe how much value is packed into this survival pack at such a LOW cost! I did the calculations, and believe me - purchasing each of these survival products individually is WAY MORE EXPENSIVE than what you'd pay for the same survivalist gear wrapped in this survival pack. As a result, you can use this prepper gear as awesome, cost-effective survival stocking stuffers for your friends and family!


Essential Survival Gear Pack PLUS by Survival Frog Specs:

  • Total Survival Pack Weight: 11.6 oz.
  • Weatherproof Matches Case Dimensions: 3.1" x 1.1"
  • Weatherproof Matches Count: 20 matches
  • Weatherproof Matches Power: Stays lit for 15 seconds
  • Pocket Stove Weight: 3.8 oz.
  • Pocket Stove Stove Material: Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Pocket Stove Fuel Tablets Included: 6 tablets
  • Pocket Stove Fuel Tablets Weight: 1.2 oz.
  • Pocket Stove Fuel Tablets Power: Each tablet burns for 10 minutes
  • Pocket Stove Closed Dimensions (HxWxD): 0.8" x 3.9" x 3"
  • Pocket Stove Open Dimensions (HxWxD): 2.2" x 3.75" x 3"
  • Emergency Bivvy Dimensions: 7' x 3'
  • Emergency Bivvy Weight: 4.7 oz.
  • Emergency Bivvy Comes with Stuff Sack: Stuff sack is larger than the bivvy bag for easy storage
  • Survival Flashlight Weight: 1.9 oz. (2.7 oz. w/ included battery)
  • Survival Flashlight Dimensions: 3.5" x 1" 
  • Survival Flashlight Modes: High, Medium, Strobe
  • Survival Flashlight Bulbs: CREE LED Lightbulbs
  • Survival Flashlight Lumens: 150 (actual)
  • Survival Flashlight Power: AA battery (included)

This is easily the best and most comprehensive survival pack on the market when it comes to practicality and value. Not only does it include an emergency bivvy (which will become your new favorite survival sleeping bag) and a mini survival flashlight (allowing you to see in pitch black darkness), but it also comes with a super compact pocket stove (for cooking all that hearty survival food) and a set of weatherproof matches (allowing you to start a fire in ANY weather). Not only do these compact survival tools fit seamlessly inside a bug out bag, survival kit or camping supplies, but they're also WAY CHEAPER in our survival pack than they are when bought individually in our online survival store!

This survivalist gear makes for seriously awesome survival stocking stuffers...but get them NOW before they get snatched up from right under your nose!

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