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Mini Survival Kit



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3 Amazing, Life-Saving Tools In 1 Package


  • 11-in-1 Multi-purpose Tactical Tool
  • 1 Paracord Grenade
  • 1 Emergency Blanket

Escape With Your Life Using These Simple Tools

Our lightweight Mini Survival Kit contains some of the lightest and most potent survival tools we carry. This tiny kit only weighs a few ounces, but the 3 incredible survival tools included are some of the most important to keep on hand. Any 1 of these could save your life, and when packaged together, you’ve got 3 incredible tools offered to you at a tremendous savings. Included in this package is a Tactical Multi-Purpose Survival Wallet Tool, our incredibly popular Paracord Grenade along with an Emergency Survival (Space) Blanket.

This package is a must for any survival kit, bug out bag, or car bag.

Here’s what you get inside:


--- The 11 Function Tactical Multi-Purpose Tool  ---


  • A Can Opener For Opening Up Cans Of Food
  • Sharp Knife Edge For Making Small Cuts
  • Sharp Saw Blade
  • Keychain (Lanyard) Hole
  • A Slotted Flathead Screwdriver
  • Small Ruler For Producing Accurate Measurements
  • Bottle Cap Opener For Beers And Other Drinks
  • Wingnut Wrench
  • 4-Position Wrench  
  • Direction Ancillary Indicator Serves As Makeshift Compass
  • 2-Position Wrench

--- Paracord Grenade Tool ---

Tucked inside of 9 feet of versatile 550 lb. are the following useful survival tools:

  • (1) Knife Blade: This blade is sharp enough to cut open a fish, or skin a small animal.
  • (1) Fire Starter: So you can build a fire without the need of water or matches.
  • (2) Lengths of Fishing Line with Hooks: This translucent line will help you rustle up a dinner in a flash.
  • (2) Fishing Weights: To make sure your fish can find the hook.
  • (2) Bobbers: To ensure your hook catches the fish.
  • (2) Swivels: To keep fish on the line.
  • (2) Pieces of Tin Foil: Used to cook dinner or to catch water, or even to be used as a signal mirror.
  • (1) Tinder: Helps you get a fire going in no time.

--- Emergency Blanket ---

For its weight this blanket is one of the most effective survival tools out there.
  • Lightweight: Weighing only a few grams, these small blankets are so light you won't be able to tell you've got them with you.
  • Easy to Use: No special instructions needed. Unfold and use like a regular blanket to help elevate your body temperature no matter the conditions.
  • Super Affordable: You won't be able to find too many other survival tools that work this well at this value.
  • One-Size-Fits-All: When open, the Emergency Blanket measures 7 x 4.3 feet (big enough to cover almost anyone from head to toe).


  • Multitool comes with a black leather sheath along with a small diagram that shows tools use and function.
  • Paracord Grenade comes with a durable carabiner to clip on to keys or a bag
  • Blanket dimensions 84" x 52" - Made of Mylar

Get the Mini Survival Kit now, you don’t want to hesitate and keep yourself in harm’s way. 

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