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Why This Fully Upgraded Carabiner is an Essential EDC

Millions of people already ordinary carabiners with them...so why not carry a special purpose survival carabiner instead? Carabiners are perfectly normal things to carry around, so you can clip it to your belt loops without anyone questioning you about it. This EDC Carabiner has 7 survival tools built into its design, all without making it heavy or bulky. Now you have instant on-demand access to 7 convenient tools without having to make an extra trip back to your toolbox. And during an emergency, you might be one of the only people who have exactly the right life-saving tool with him right then and there.

EDC Carabiner Knife Features:

  • Razor Sharp Knife: 3.5" inch knife slashes, cuts, and stabs anything in your path. 440C stainless steel construction makes this blade ultra durable. The spring retention system keeps the blade firmly in place while not in use to keep it from accidentally opening and injuring you.
  • Locking Latch: Locking latch prevents the carabiner from coming undone for those times when you absolutely have to be 100% sure it won't slip. It's the same kind of mechanism that mountain climbers trust their lives to.
  • Phillips Screwdriver: Great for tightening screws when you're away from your toolbox or in an emergency situation. "In Place" technology keeps the screwdriver firmly in place so there's no slippage when you're working.
  • Flat Head Screwdriver: Don't think you can get by with just a Phillips screwdriver...this flat head gives you access to all the other screws the Phillips would have been useless against.
  • LED Flashlight: Ultra bright, twist activated LED flashlight lights up an entire room just by itself. Never get lost in total darkness with the EDC Carabiner at your side.
  • Bottle Opener: Safely opens bottles without damaging them. There's no better way to reward yourself after a hard day's work than to kick back and knock out a cold one.
  • Auto Glass Breaker: Easily smashes vehicle windows to pieces. Vehicle windows are designed to be unbelievably strong...even baseball bats take multiple swings to break them. Only an auto glass breaker can easily punch through vehicle windows. This is a must have for anyone living by rivers, lakes, areas prone to flooding, or the ocean.

EDC Carabiner Specs:

  • Blade Length: 3.5" in.
  • Blade Material: 440C stainless steel
  • Body Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum

Order your EDC Carabiner now and discover exactly why Americans are dumping their ordinary carabiners for this fully upgraded survival carabiner.

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