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Lightweight and Corrosion Resistant Stakes to Replace Rusty Outdated Stakes

Let's face it. Regular untreated metal doesn't hold up well against the elements. That's why when it comes to your survival gear the best equipment has been given a protective coating. Coghlan's lightweight tent stakes are made of anodized aluminum so they won't corrode even with repeated uses. Not only do they last far longer than untreated stakes, but their three sided design makes them able to hold down much more weight than regular two sided stakes. If that wasn't enough, Coghlan's stakes have convenient designs built into them such as guyline notches on every stake and nylon cords for easy removal.

Coghlan's Lightweight Tent Stakes Features:

  • Lightweight: Each stake weighs less than 1 oz. which is much less than traditional tent stakes. They're so lightweight most people can't even tell they're carrying them.
  • Ultra Sturdy Support: Three sided design provides plenty of holding power for your tent while in the ground. Compare to your old two-sided stakes and feel the difference!
  • Works With Most Tents: Simple design makes these stakes versatile enough to be used with almost every tent out there. If your tent is non-freestanding then you can more than likely use Coghlan's Stakes to secure it.
  • Durable Material: Stakes are made with anodized Aluminum, which gives the metal a thick protective layer to prevent corrosive damage and keeps them in top shape no matter how much use and abuse they receive.
  • Easy Removal: Coghlan's Stakes come with nylon pull-cords attached to each of them for easy removal. Just grab hold and pull them straight up.
  • Convenient Notch: Each stake has a notch at the top designed to secure guylines to your tent. A "must have" for rainy weather.

Coghlan's Lightweight Tent Stakes Specs:

  • Quantity: 4 stakes
  • Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Color: Orange
  • Size: 6 Inches

Compared to your rusted old stakes, Coghlan's lightweight tent stakes are a clear winner. Order now to get stakes that will outlast the lifespan of any tent.

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