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There's No Faster Way to Learn Lock Picking!

Many people who try to learn traditional lock picking fail and give up because it's too hard.  But they would have learned the skill quickly and easily if they had this practice lock...without all the frustration.

This Clear Dimple Practice Lock gives you a huge advantage that most people don't have. The lock is clear, so you can see what you're doing wrong and quickly correct it. You’ll master the lock in record time and be able to open real-world locks too.


  • 1 Clear Dimple Lock
  • 2 Keys

Clear Dimple Practice Lock Features:

  • Quickly Learn Lock Picking: There's no faster way to learn lock picking than with this clear practice lock. You'll see exactly what you need to do, and you’ll be able to use that knowledge on nearly any other real-world lock you encounter.
  • Frustration-Free: A see-through lock is a huge advantage. You can quickly correct your mistakes without the frustration. You'll be able to pick locks others would have long given up on.
  • Keys Included: 2 keys come included with your Clear Dimple Practice Lock. They open the lock so you can clearly see how the locking mechanism works.
  • Dimple Lock Type: This practice lock uses the "dimple lock" mechanism. It's a special type of lock that not many people know how to open. You'll quickly master it with this practice lock and be able to open any dimple lock you encounter.

Clear Dimple Practice Lock Specs:

  • Weight: 2.7 oz.
  • Lock Type: Dimple 

Lock picking has never been easier to learn. With this practice lock, you’ll master the skill of lock picking in no time, which will come in handy in an emergency. Order your Clear Dimple Practice Lock today!

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