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Every year thousands upon thousands of people lose their lives in their cars.

And what’s shocking is the initial impact isn’t what always kills them. Many end up trapped inside of their cars and burn to death before they can get out.

If that frightens you (it should) then you need to invest in a Window Punch.

Window punches rely on a specially designed tip to help shatter tempered glass so you can escape.

And Nexis’s Brass Window Punch was designed to help you make a quick exit if you’re ever trapped inside of your car.

Here’s what makes it so useful:

  • 5 inches in length helps you get the leverage you need to break glass
  • Knurled handle keeps it from slipping out of your hands, even while wearing gloves
  • Specialty tip shatters glass with very little pressure
  • Pen clip keeps it anchored in a pocket, or on seat belt for easy access
  • Sturdy brass gives it strength

When it comes to making smart survival purchases a window punch should be in every car.

Since they’re so affordable you really can’t afford to miss out on purchasing one of these.

The difference between being trapped and turning into a victim, or making it out alive could be this little tool.

See why you need this?

Get this now and put it in your car before it’s too late.

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