"It's Like a Home-Baked Meal On the Go"

In a world filled with junk-food and empty sugars, sometimes the best tasting snack is the one made with healthy and all-natural ingredients. Bear Valley Fruit n Nut Pemmican Bars are jam-packed with natural ingredients that are so tasty you'll be shocked that they aren't home made. 

Bear Valley Fruit N Nut Pemmican Bars Features:

  • Vegetarian: Although traditional Pemmican bars were made from whatever meat was available, these Fruit N Nut bars provide all the protein and amino acids you need without the meat. This helps extend shelf life and heightens the overall nutritional value.
  • Tasty: Fruit, nuts, honey, and malt come together to create a mouthwatering snack that you'll come to crave. It's like having a homebaked meal packed into a snack bar.
  • Healthy: Only wholesome, natural ingredients are used. Just one bar fulfills 33% of daily protein needs and 25% of daily calcium needs. contains all 8 essential amino acids to provide you with a complete protein.
  • Filling: With a weight of 3.75 ounces, this hefty snack bar is more filling than typical mass-produced junk-food bars.
  • Energizing: Natural sugars from honey and malt give fast activating energy while complex carbs prevent "burnout" afterwards. Perfect for sportsmen and outdoorsmen.
  • Convenient: Throw one in your pocket or backpack before you leave and you'll always have a little "boost" ready to go whenever you want it.
  • All Natural: This healthy snack bar contains absolutely no stabilizers, additives, isolates, preservatives, refined sugars, or trans fats.

Bear Valley Fruit N Nut Pemmican Bars Specs:

  • 3.75 oz. bars...(compare with smaller bars that cost more!) 210 calories per bar
  • Best if Used By 6 months from the date of manufacture (listed on the package), but easily lasts beyond this if stored in a cool, dry place
  • Ingredients: Non-GMO malt syrup, Nonfat milk, Honey, Wheat germ, Raisins, Walnuts, Non-GMO soy flour, Soy oil, Wheat bran, Grape juice, Pecans, Lecithin, Vinegar

Grab your Bear Valley snack bars today to discover what you've been missing out on all this time.

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