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BioLite BaseCamp Portable Wood Burning Stove & Grill



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The BioLite BaseCamp Portable Wood Burning Stove & Grill Includes:

  •  1 - BioLite BaseCamp Wood Burning Stove & Grill
  • 1 - Set of Fire Starter
  • 1 - Fuel Rack
  • 1 - Ash Tray
  • 1 - USB FlexLight
  • 1 - Set of Instructions

USB Charger + Cook & Grill Survival Food With Clean Energy

Meet one of the newest survival products to hit the shelves of our survival store! This portable wood burning stove & grill allows you to cook survival food for your whole camping/bugging out group using clean energy thanks to its innovative thermoelectric generator. Not only will this camping stove sauté/cook your survival food and boil water with ease, but it also provides the use of a camping grill, as well as a USB charger to charge your cell phone and other USB devices while you cook. The handy BioLite FlexLight also allows you to light up your camping grill and see your survival food cooking in the dark, while the provided fire starter ensures you're always prepared to do some outdoor cooking. This wood burning stove also burns natural solid biomass (i.e: twigs and wood chunks you find while camping/bugging out), allowing you to burn clean energy as you do your off-grid cooking. This is simply one bit of prepper gear you can't go without - add this essential survival tool to your bug out bag and camping gear for an easy, convenient and environmentally friendly group cooking experience!

To learn more about the BioLite BaseCamp Portable Wood Burning Stove & Grill click the “Features & Specs” tab above.

BioLite BaseCamp Portable Wood Burning Stove & Grill Features:

  • Burns Clean Energy: This portable grill burns natural elements such as twigs and wood chunks you'd find while bugging out or on the trail, allowing you to burn clean energy while also avoiding air pollution. This is one of the most energy-efficient survival tools we have in our online survival store!
  • Converts Energy To Electricity: This amazing survival tool's thermoelectric generator converts heat from the fire into electricity, allowing you to instantly have a USB charger for your smartphone, tablet and other USB devices.

  • All-Encompassing Outdoor Cooking: All the survival supplies you might need for off-grid cooking are provided with this epic prepper gear. Not only can you adjust the camping stove cooktop to grill, cook, boil AND sauté your survival food with ease, but this wood burning stove also comes with a fire starter, ash tray, fuel rack and FlexLight for charging all your USB devices.
  • Great For Group Cooking: The camping grill has a 13.25" diameter surface area, allowing you to cook eight burgers (or lots of your other favorite survival food) for easy and convenient group cooking.  
  • Maximum Portability: This portable grill features a carrying handle and fold-in legs for easy transport. Add this awesome prepper gear to your camping gear and bug out bag now, and be prepared to do some off-grid cooking!

BioLite BaseCamp Portable Wood Burning Stove & Grill Specs:

  • Camping Stove Cooktop Dimensions: 13.25" Diameter. 138 sq. in. Cooking Area
  • Camping Stove Charging Time: 30 min. Charge Time = 5 hr. Talk Time/5 hr. Video Time/20 hr. Audio Time
  • Camping Stove Battery: Lithium Ion 2200 mAh
  • Camping Stove Weight: 17.92 lb.
  • Camping Stove Fuel: Twigs, Firewood, Wood Chunks
  • Camping Stove USB Output: 5W@5V (varying based on fire strength)
  • Camping Stove Charging Devices: USB
  • Camping Stove Materials: Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, High-Temp Plastic

This is one of the best survival products you can use for off-grid cooking. Not only can you use this wood burning stove to burn clean energy on-the-go, but it also comes with a fire starter, as well as an ash tray, fuel rack and FlexLight for maximum efficiency. You can even charge your USB devices while you wait for your survival food to cook! Plus, thanks to the camping stove's carrying handle and fold-in legs you can take these survival supplies anywhere you go. Whether you're camping or bugging out you need this portable grill with you for some group cooking with friends and family! Add these awesome survival supplies to your bug out bag and camping gear and get ready for the best off-grid cooking experience ever!

These survival products are BRAND NEW to our online survival store, which means they're going to be swept up by preppers FAST! Snag yours now before it's too late!

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