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BaroCook Flameless Survival Cooking Bowl



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The BaroCook Flameless Survival Cooking Bowl Includes:

  • 1 - Plastic cooking container
  • 1 - Leakproof plastic lid
  • 1 - Insulating sleeve
  • 1 - Stainless steel bowl
  • 1 - Flameless heat pack - Click Here to Buy More!

The Easiest Survival Cooking Gear Ever - Safe & Efficient!

Looking for an alternative to the traditional camp stove to heat your survival food? Then you’ll love this survival cooking equipment! Whether you’re using the BaroCook as a survival tool while bugging out or you're utilizing it to do some wilderness cooking, this survival tool is perfect for anyone wanting to heat their survival food without building a fire. By using innovative flameless heat packs, the BaroCook bowl takes wilderness cooking to a whole new level, as it heats camping food and boils water without the use of flames, fumes, gas or smoke. This useful piece of survival cooking gear is even better than camp stoves because it’s super durable, spill-proof and self-contained, making it the ideal solution for anyone looking to do some wilderness cooking or just on-the-go eating. Add this survival gear to your bug out bag, survival kit and camping gear for easy survival cooking wherever you are!

To learn more about the BaroCook Flameless Cooking Bowl click the “Features & Specs” tab above.

BaroCook Flameless Cooking Bowl Features:

  • Easy To Use: Unlike camp stoves, the BaroCook bowl is incredibly easy to use, making it the ideal survival cooking gear for both camping and SHTF situations. Simply fill the stainless steel bowl with your survival food and water. Then, place the stainless steel bowl into the plastic cooking container, along with ½ cup of water and flameless heat pack. Secure the spill-proof lid and, in a few minutes, you’ll have hot, delicious survival/camping food ready to go.
  • Entirely Self-Contained: All five elements of this dual-use survival cooking equipment are entirely self-contained. This makes carrying it and using it incredibly stress-free, and it will help you out immensely whether you're bugging out when SHTF or you’re just doing some wilderness cooking after a long hike.
  • Super Safe: Unlike most camp stoves, the BaroCook bowl is super safe to use. In fact, it's so safe and practical even young children can use it safely! Because it’s flame-free, smokeless, and fume-free you can use this survival cooking gear all the places you’d never think of using a camp stove. This survival cooking equipment makes it safe to cook survival/camping food in a tent, a car, an office, or inside your home without any worries about safety.
  • Incredibly Durable: The BaroCook bowl is nearly indestructible, ensuring this vital piece of survival gear (and your investment) lasts a long, long time. Its outer shell and lid are made out of a super thick, insulated plastic. The stainless steel bowl is thick and tough, and the insulating sleeve is made out of a heat-resistant and flexible neoprene. It's the ultimate survival tool!

BaroCook Flameless Cooking Bowl Specs:

  • Survival Cooking Bowl Operating Temp: 150-190 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Survival Cooking Bowl Heating Element: Water activated calcium oxide
  • Survival Cooking Bowl Estimated Heating Time: 10 minutes
  • Survival Cooking Bowl Total “Burn” Time: 20-30 minutes, depends on outside temp.
  • Survival Cooking Bowl Insulating Properties: Neoprene heat sleeve
  • Survival Cooking Bowl Weight: 15.5 oz. (440 g)
  • Survival Cooking Bowl Capacity: 30 fluid oz.
  • Survival Cooking Bowl Dimensions: 4” x 7.5” x 7.5”

There’s no way around it - if you’re looking for a reliable and safe way to effectively heat survival food or pre-made meals this survival cooking equipment has you covered. It’s an extremely effective survival tool whether you're bugging out when SHTF, camping, or just eating on-the-go. Be sure to add this survival cooking gear to your bug out bag, camping gear and survival kit for easy and convenient wilderness cooking all year round!

Grab your BaroCook Survival Cooking Bowl today and begin having all the comforts of home cooking at your fingertips.

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