72-Hour Water Survival Kit - 2 Gallon Water Storage Bag and 50 Water Purification Tablets


$ 19.97

Instantly Accessible Emergency Drinking Water Made Easy


  • 1 bottle of 50 water purification tablets that make water drinkable 
  • 1 water storage bag with carrying handle that can hold and store up to 256 ounces

No Hassle No Fuss Emergency Water Solution

The 72-Hour Water Survival Kit is perfect for anyone who wants to be prepared in case access to their regular source of water disappears. Combining our lightweight 2 Gallon Water Storage Bag with 16 Potable Aqua Tablets, you should have no problem turning dirty water into clean drinking water in an emergency. Created to cover two people’s water survival needs for 3 days – the kit is lightweight, portable, and easy to use. 

Check out what makes the 72-Hour Water Survival Kit perfect for emergency use as well as general outdoor and camping use:


  • Easy to use: Fill the 2 Gallon Water Storage Bag with questionable or contaminated water. Add 16 of the Potable Aqua Tablets to the Water Storage Bag. Seal the bag, give it a quick shake and wait just 30 minutes before enjoying 2 gallons of safe and clean drinking water.
  • Lightweight: The potable aqua tabs weigh a mere 2 oz. and the 2 gallon bag weighs only 3 oz. These are some of the lightest pieces of survival gear you could possibly own. 
  • Portable: Since the 2 gallon bag is made of lightweight plastic it can be rolled or folded to fit just about anywhere. The potable aqua tabs come in a tiny 1"x 2.25" bottle for easy carry as well.
  • Uses powerful technology: The potable aqua tabs will safely purify 6 gallons of water, giving you and loved ones access to life-giving water in most any situation.


  • Potable aqua tabs are used by some of the top aid and relief organizations worldwide, meaning it's a great and dependable way to secure safe drinking water for you and loved ones.

Put it in your car kit, your bug-out-bag, or use it for camping and backpacking. But most importantly, make sure you get the 72-Hour Water Survival Kit now, before it’s too late!!

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